Inside The Romantic Relationship Between Steve Jobs And Joan Baez

Steve Jobs and Joan Baez were both superstars in their own respects before their brief relationship back in 1982. Jobs was a co-founder of Apple Computers, a computer company that was revolutionizing the world at the time and is still very prominent today. Oh the other hand, Baez was known as a songwriter, folk singer, radical political figure, peace activist, and a previous lover of Bob Dylan. Perhaps opposites really do attract?

The two weren't entirely different, as Baez had spent much of her life advocating for a world of peace and nonviolence, and Jobs had been interested in Buddhist philosophy, which might have resonated with Baez's worldview, according to the International Business Times. Another reason the pair could have started dating was due to Steve Jobs' affinity for Baez's previous lover, Bob Dylan, according to one of Jobs' friends, Elizabeth Holmes (via The Second Coming of Steve Jobs). So how did these legends come together, and what was their relationship really like?

Joan Baez: Peace Activist and Lover

Joan Baez has been a prominent activist for many years and has roots in many movements across the globe since the latter half of the 20th century. Her radical politics began when she was a young girl, but have always been rooted in the same idea of nonviolence, according to The Guardian. She also was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, and she even knew Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. personally. She also vehemently protested the Vietnam War, and had been witness to a bombing campaign while in Vietnam with a peace group.

Baez was also famously known for dating Bob Dylan and really kickstarting his career, according to the Guardian. However, the two would eventually cut ties. Baez currently has one son and continues to advocate for peace and equality across the world (via the Guardian).

Steve Jobs: Entrepreneur and Revolutionary

Steve Jobs is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in tech across the entire world, co-founding the computer company Apple Computers, which creates common household products like iPhones, AirPods, Apple Watches, iPads, and all sorts of gizmos and gadgets. Steve Jobs got his start as an entrepreneur when he and his friend Steve Wozniak had an idea to build computers that were small enough to fit in people's houses more efficiently, according to the Library of Congress.

Eventually, the company had huge success with its Apple II computer, but the company would come to face some troubles and hardship over the next couple of years, with Steve Jobs even losing his position as the CEO (via the Library of Congress). He also helped develop Pixar into what it is today and became Disney's largest shareholder at the time he sold Pixar to the media conglomerate (via Forbes). But, as well as being a Buddhist, he was a huge advocate of thinking differently and creatively — something Joan Baez definitely exhibited.

The Relationship

According to Joan Baez, she met Steve Jobs when he called her to ask if she would teach him how to play the piano (via The Guardian). Even though Baez told Jobs that she didn't know how to play the piano well, he insisted that she should still come over and help him. Originally they were just friends, but they eventually became lovers, according to Rolling Stone. The two only dated briefly, however, due to a mismatch in where they saw the relationship going. Jobs wanted to have children, whereas Baez did not (via Rolling Stone).

After their relationship ended, Baez and Jobs still continued a friendship. In fact, Jobs provided Baez with all the computers and the know-how to operate them, according to the Toronto Star. In their last conversation before Steve Jobs' death, Baez asked him "How does it feel to have changed the world?" Jobs answered the question with a simple, one-word answer "OK," (via Mojo).