Where Is Cindy Pravda, The UFO Lady Of Grand Haven, Now?

Cindy Pravda has seen things that few other people in the world have seen: an unidentified flying object, perhaps a visitor from outer space. Or so she claims. As Michigan's Channel 3 News reports, Pravda realized something very odd was afoot on the night of March 8, 1994, when a strange light appeared in the sky. She went out into a field to get a better look, and saw four circles of white light near the horizon. She told Channel 3 that each circle looked like a full moon. Slowly, but not at the same time, the lights faded and disappeared.

She wasn't the only one to see this. According to the Detroit Free Press, hundreds of calls overwhelmed the 911 lines up and down the eastern shore of Lake Michigan that night. Every call told the same tale: eerie lights were flashing in the sky, or strange objects were hovering overhead.

The night in question

What happened that fateful night, exactly? The Free Press, on the 25th anniversary of the supposed UFO sighting, recounted the testimony of several witnesses, all residents of Michigan's western coastline. The Graves family — Daryl, Holly, and their son Joey — saw six unexplainable lights in the sky that night around 9:30 — note that Pravda only saw four. Joey said they were "red and white and moving."

A police officer named Jeff Velthouse saw something similar that night, although his testimony is somewhat different from Pravda's or the Graves'. Velthouse claimed to see five or six shapes in the sky, "some cylindrical with blue, red, white and green lights." Skeptics will inevitably point out that none of these stories is quite the same as the others; that effectively no one saw the same thing; that perhaps this was some kind of mass psychotic episode

But the stories don't differ that wildly from each other. After all, it's possible that Pravda only saw four of the lights, and other people with a better view saw others; or that the shapes changed color. The mass delusion hypothesis also doesn't explain the meteorologists' report of the incident. The Free Press quotes a radar operator with the weather service, who claims to have picked up three blips that were clearly not airplanes, slowly moving along the Lake Michigan coast toward Chicago, rising and falling in elevation as they went.

The UFO lady of Grand Haven

Pravda herself would later appear on screens all over the world, as witness on the Netflix series "Unsolved Mysteries." The show took on the Michigan UFO in an October 2022 episode. Pravda, a longtime resident of the Grand Haven area of western Michigan, is not shy about what she saw. The night seems to have changed her life. "I'm known as the UFO lady of Grand Haven," she told the Free Press in 2019.

Where is Pravda today? Apparently, she still lives in the house by the field where she saw the four white lights. At 66, she appears to be an active member of her community, recommending local businesses on her Facebook page. According to Cinemaholic, Pravda is a proud grandmother and an avid gardener. She loves animals, too, with a cat at home and a horse that she regularly takes care of. It's a very ordinary life for someone who has witnessed something truly, alarmingly out of the ordinary: the largest UFO incident in American history.