Destiny's Most Overpowered Weapons

Destiny offers players the chance to protect the last city on earth from the encroaching Darkness that threatens to extinguish human life in the galaxy. There's no better way to defend the Light and all of its beauty than with some kickass weapons with equally kickass names. As you make your way through the different quests and PvP content in Destiny, you're bound to come across some incredible firepower that will make killing enemies, and your life in space, a little bit easier. Here are our picks for some of the most devastating items to ever rip through Crota's hordes. And, more importantly, these are some of the most overpowered weapons you'll find, which will make your online opponents curse your name for a fortnight after you've stomped on them.

Bad Juju

Behold the Bad Juju. Not only does it have a cool, funky name that strikes fear into the hearts of the Darkness, but it's got a decidedly macabre design that features straps, scales, and even a skull. Once you've acquired this thing, you're free to go level up the gun so it has full-auto, low recoil, and perhaps the coolest upgrade it can get: "String of Curses," which allows it to instantly reload and buff damage after every kill. This means that you can take this bad boy into the Crucible and laugh as the souls of your enemies make it so that you almost never have to reload, giving you that precious edge when it comes to time. A few seconds means all of the difference in the world in PvP, especially when you're about to get torn apart by your enemy, so not having to reload makes you a more efficient killer.

Black Spindle

Sniper rifles are a source of much joy in Destiny. Sure, everything might be too chaotic in the game at times for you to line up a solid shot, but when a round from a sniper rifle hits, it definitely hits. One of the most sought-after sniper rifles in Destiny is the Black Spindle, a Solar damage-based weapon that can only be obtained through a special questline that requires a solid fireteam to work together to beat mission timers. This overpowered weapon boasts the "White Nail" and "Mulligan" upgrades, which respectively allow the gun to refill its magazine after landing three precision shots and gives a chance to return ammo to the mag if a shot misses. We hope you have good eyes, snipers, because peppering your enemies with shots not only annoys them, but gets you great bonuses so that you're better able to kill them.

1000 Yard Stare

Speaking of sniper rifles, have you gazed into the 1000 Yard Stare? You can get this thing from a vendor and then take it into PvP and PvE situations with confidence, knowing that you'll get headshots aplenty. It hits hard and is capable of delivering a devastating headshot that will tear through a post-revival overshield. The 1000 Yard Stare also has some of the highest stability in the game, which is something you'd definitely want in a sniper rifle. While the stats and upgrade are kind of random, you'll always get value out of this overpowered gun, whatever your playstyle. It might seem like a jack-of-all-trades and the randomness might turn certain Guardians off, but you'll love it for its stability and ability to thread sniper rifle rounds through the skulls of your enemies reliably.

Zhalo Supercell

If you want your enemies to taste lightning, then look no further than the Zhalo Supercell, a Year Two exotic auto rifle that makes it so that your enemies suffer a lighting-based AoE attack on random rounds. With a magazine size of 36, you're bound to electrocute many a foe. Add to the fact that it gets a perk that gives you extra ammo after double kills and you're going to ride the lightning all day long in PvE. As an added perk, all of the kills, extra ammo, and additional lightning damage you get with this gun also help fill your Super bar a lot faster, turning you into some kind of electric, thing-killing, overpowered dynamo. Not only are you better able to shred through the masses, but you'll be able to get your Supers faster (if you're not a scrub and can actually hit your foes), which should result in many strings of profanities from the other team.

Touch of Malice

Looking at the Touch of Malice doesn't really conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings, but you just need it to kill things, so that's fine. This level 40 exotic scout rifle can be obtained a variety of quests and comes with some very interesting perks. True to the weapon's name and appearance, using Touch of Malice comes with a price. One of the perks makes it so that the final round in the mag regenerates at the cost of the wielder's life. You can fire continuously without reloading and deal more damage, but you'll lose your health. Thankfully, this is remedied with another perk called "Touch of Mercy," which heals you after getting three kills in a row. You'll watch your health ping pong back and forth, but at least you'll be wiping out the Darkness en masse. In PvP, this means that killing your opponents nets you a bit of health. If you get your timing right and pick off the weaklings, you'll be stomping around like some kind of immortal god of kill steals.

Sleeper Simulant

The Sleeper Simulant is probably one of the most infamous weapons in the game thanks to the frenzy it started once players learned of the questline that led to its acquisition. There are six steps involved in acquiring the Simulant and they involve getting random drops, unlocking missions, getting four passcodes, beating missions in under four minutes, completing random tasks, and then finally turning in a quest item to the Gunsmith for the weapon itself. At the end of the chain of quests, you'll get the exotic fusion rifle, Sleeper Simulant, which actually goes in the Heavy Weapons slot instead of the Special Weapons slot. What makes this gun worth the trouble is the fact that it can ricochet off surfaces multiple times and tear through groups of enemies when fully charged. Have fun hunting this thing down! If you do, you'll be able to tout the fact that you don't even really have to aim to kill people, because the ricochets will do your job for you even if you miss. How overpowered is that?

Any Exotic Sword

Let's show some love for the Dark-Drinker, the Raze-Lighter, and the Bolt-Caster, Destiny's collection of exotic swords. Ever since these blades were introduced in The Taken King, many Guardians have scrambled to grab Heavy Weapon ammo whenever it dropped in the Crucible, because that meant you could whip out your sword and start tearing through people as if they were scraps of wet tissue. Are you at full shields? That's nice, because two hits from the sword and you're done. Not only are these already overpowered, but their dash attacks also make the wielder more agile and harder to hit with guns. Once that Heavy Weapon ammo drops, you'll know that it's on.