Inside The Disturbing Blog Posts Of Paul Pelosi's Alleged Attacker

The blog posts of David DePape, the man charged for allegedly attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul Pelosi with a hammer, have come under scrutiny in the days following DePape's arrest. A website, which, according to NBC News, is registered under the name "david depape," associates DePape with far-right views and conspiracies. The Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle report DePape also maintained a WordPress blog in which he shared posts containing racial slurs, bigoted commentary, and rants against online censorship.

In these blog posts, DePape also published pictures of Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates looking like zombies and images of human flesh and blood, per The Washington Post. The outlet says DePape registered a website a few months prior to the October 28 break-in and attack at the Pelosi home, in August of 2022, under the domain, which may be a reference to the far-right acronym "F.R.E.N.," meaning "Far-Right Ethno-Nationalist."

DePape's posts about his personal life

In his blog posts, David DePape also talked about the woes of his personal life and made several posts rambling about Gypsy Taub (per the San Francisco Chronicle, DePape stood as best man at her wedding in 2013). Both Taub and DePape were outspoken nudist activists, and even got some publicity for holding a protest against banning public nudity while walking in San Francisco fully naked. DePape claimed Taub had convinced her children to dislike DePape, and ridiculed her in his blog for taking away his family from him, according to The Washington Post.

Per Taub's daughter, Inti Gonzalez, DePape was a father to her; however, when Inti was 13, her mother kicked DePape out of the household, and she didn't have any contact with him for eight years (via CNBC). Gonzalez said that in the past couple of months prior to the break-in, she had re-connected with DePape. She even read his blog posts online. Although she stated that she didn't agree with his posts, she believed that her father wanted to be a good person. She wrote of him, saying, "There is some part of him that is a good person even though he has been very consumed by darkness" (via NBC News).

More of DePape's views

Among David DePape's other disturbing blog posts was one targeting transgender people, in which he verbally attacked them and said they shouldn't be considered a protected group. This post was written after Jordan Peterson, a conservative influencer, was banned from Twitter following some of his comments relating to transgender people (via The Washington Post).

A co-worker of DePape also talked about his apparent feelings toward feminism and stated that whenever the topic got brought up, DePape would always refer to feminists as "feminazis," per the Post. It's notable, however, that in his blogs, DePape never referred to Nancy Pelosi, who was the person DePape was allegedly looking to injure on October 28 (via NBC News).

DePape is being charged with burglary, elderly abuse, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, assault of a U.S. official's family member, and attempting to kidnap a U.S. official, which was announced by Brooke Jenkins, the district attorney of San Francisco, according to The Intelligencer.

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