How The 'Bee Girl' Paid Tribute To The No Rain Video On Her Wedding Day

Fans of a certain age will remember the music video for the band Blind Melon's 1992 smash hit "No Rain" (via IMDb) (which can also be seen on YouTube). In the video for the song — which broke the top 20 in the U.S. and Britain (per Songfacts) — was a charming young girl dressed in a bee costume (pictured). Even for those who didn't grow up in the 1990s, the "No Rain" Bee Girl, as she's called, remains an enduring pop culture icon from the era, while the song itself has gone on to appear in several films and TV soundtracks.

That said, if all that makes you feel old — as in, if you remember when the "No Rain" video first premiered — you may be dismayed to find out that the "No Rain" Bee Girl, who was just nine years old when the video first came out, is now grown up and married, according to the Orange County Register. As detailed in People, though, the Blind Melon "Bee Girl" not only remembers her past, she paid tribute to the part that she played in the music video during her 2017 wedding ceremony.

Bee Girl's real name is Heather Deloach

As People reported in 2017, Bee Girl — whose real name is Heather DeLoach — was 34 when she married Matthew Greine, her boyfriend of more than two years, in San Diego. Also according to People, DeLoach no longer dressed up in costumes and danced to `90s-era grunge rock for a living. For work, she represented a high-profile fertility doctor in Orange County.

As Page Six goes on to note, DeLoach embodied the Bee Girl in more than just the Blind Melon video, reprising the role in films like "A Little Princess," among others, and in 2008 on the satirical TV show "Reno 911!" With that in mind, DeLoach clearly wanted her Bee Girl legacy to play a part in her wedding day. She said (via People) "How could I not pay tribute to The Bee Girl on the happiest day of our lives? ... We had to make sure that [Bee Girl] was a part of the big day. Our hashtag says it all! #GoodToBeeGreiner."

There were bees in the floral arrangements

As People also points out, DeLoach and Greine put small golden bees in the floral arrangements at their wedding, and in the ceremony, her flower girls wore similar heart-shaped antennae to DeLoach's Bee Girl costume. On those references, DeLoach, who wore a shirt that said "Bride to Bee" to her bachelorette party, also commented (via People) that she is honored to be known as the Bee Girl and that she feels blessed to still have the support and love of Blind Melon fans.

Said DeLoach, "I owe it all to Blind Melon and their amazing talents, without them and their vision, I wouldn't bee who I am today ... A VERY HAPPY BEE."  In case you're wondering, DeLoach and Greine did not walk down the aisle to "No Rain" but guests did reportedly dance to the song at the reception. DeLoach met her husband online. Blind Melon singer Brandon Hoon sadly died in 1995 at the age of 28 from a drug overdose, per Billboard. It's unclear if any other Blind Melon band members attended DeLoach and Greine's wedding.