Worst Cars Driven By Famous People

Famous people usually have a bunch of money, so you expect to see them in some pretty nice cars—but that's just the stereotype. For one reason or another, more than a few celebs drive some pretty, well, unpretty cars. For some it's down to a sentimental streak, while others just can't say no. But for a notable few, it's simply because they have appalling taste. Here are some of the worst cars driven by famous people.

Pope Francis - Renault 4

Riding around in the Popemobile doesn't look very exciting, and being the religious equivalent of a mobile goldfish obviously didn't suit Pope Francis very much since he jumped at the chance to get his own set of wheels. But despite his inevitable "wealth," you know this is one Italian who can't be seen driving a Ferrari. So when Father Renzo Zocca offered Francis the gift of his vintage 1984 Renault 4, the pontiff didn't try very hard to refuse. And while his Popeness doesn't need to worry about hell freezing over, he'll be well prepared if the Vatican does—because Father Renzo left him some snow tires in the trunk.

Zac Efron - Oldsmobile Alero

Zac Efron must have liked playing the part of a normal teenager in High School the Musical so much that he didn't want it to end, or he just really likes boring old cars. Because there can't be many other reasons why he was still driving the beat up Oldsmobile Alero his grandfather gave him long after he could well afford not to. And it's not like he didn't have better hand-me-downs from his grandfather, who also gave him a 1965 Mustang and a Delorean, both of which he restored himself (kudos). So there must have just been something about that Alero that he couldn't let go: perhaps it was that comforting old car smell, maybe it offered some much needed anonymity for the newly minted celeb...or just maybe passing his driving test wasn't the only coming of age ceremony Efron passed in that car.

Ingvar Kamprad - Volvo 240 GL

You may not know his name, but you've probably sat on one of his couches. Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of IKEA. As you might imagine he's a pretty wealthy man. But this hasn't stopped him from driving the same Volvo 240 GL that he bought in 1991. In fact Kamprad is one of the wealthiest men in the world, ranking 15th in 2015 with an estimated net worth of $43.2 billion, so you would at least expect him to gold plate that boring box of a car. But no, it's the same boring auto it always was. Perhaps he just likes his cars like he likes his furniture: square and cheap.

Conan O'Brien - Ford Taurus SHO

Conan O'Brien is suffering from some seriously misplaced sentimentality, because he just can't let go of his old Ford. And although this old Ford Taurus SHO was a bit of a mover when it was made, featuring a Yamaha 3.0 liter V6 with 220 horsepower, it's definitely getting a bit long in the tooth now. Conan even appeared with the car on an episode of 60 Minutes, where it was clear that the car had seen better days and was seriously in need of a wash, but he still drives it. A little reminder of where you came from is no bad thing, and a beat up old car probably makes for good material for a comedian, but if he's not careful he'll ride that joke right onto the scrap heap.

Mel Gibson - Toyota Cressida

Questionable choices are nothing new where Mel Gibson is concerned, but at least this one won't land him on the front page of anything but a car magazine. In 2009, Gibson was spotted by TMZ buzzing around Malibu in a Toyota Cressida, which is a particularly unlovely example of the Japanese manufacturer's output, although typical of its time—much like Gibson. He was never seen in the Cressida again, sparking small scale and short lived internet conspiracy theories, but it's probably just the celebrity version of the walk of shame.

Tom Hanks - Scion Xb

Tom Hanks must have had another run in with the number 13 on the day he decided to buy his Scion Xb, because this vehicle makes no sense. He even had the box-like lump on wheels converted to all electric for the not insignificant price of $55,000, before tax. It's not like there aren't ready made (and much much better looking) all electric vehicles on the market that exceed the specs of the Scion, like a Tesla. But maybe he doesn't want a really nice car: this way he gets to drive his smug little electric car around with his dogs in the back, and convince himself that he isn't ruining the upholstery on a $70,000 car.

Will.i.am - custom mutant Volkswagon

Will.i.am is the proud owner of...something. It could be described as the mutant offspring of a Morgan and and VW beetle, but that wouldn't really do it justice. According to Jalopnik, the story started in 2009 when Mr. i.am decided he wanted a custom car made from a 1958 beetle. Unfortunately for the custom shop, it didn't take long for him to change his mind, and he kept right on changing it. After almost two years and sinking $400,000 into the car at the first shop, Will.i.am had it moved to a second custom shop and carried right on changing his mind and spending money for another two years. Where there's a Will there's a way they say, but after spending $900,000 on that car you might be excused for thinking that someone definitely lost theirs.

Chris Brown - Hot Wheels Lamborghini

Chris Brown has about as much self control around Lamborghinis as he has around women, and he probably shouldn't be allowed near either one. For a long time, Brown owned a Lamborghini painted to look like a World War II fighter plane, but he obviously got bored with it and decided on a change. And so he called on the services of West Coast Custom to revamp his Lambo and left them to work with the words "Hot Wheels" ringing in their ears. And so that's what they did, converting his fighter plane into a brightly colored toy car. The phrase "boys and their toys" comes to mind, and makes you wonder which childhood favorite he will draw inspiration from next. Let's hope it's not Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

George Clooney - Tango 600

In 2005, George Clooney became an early adopter of the electric car by buying the first ever model of the Tango T600, which would be admirable, if you could stop laughing for a moment to take him seriously. Because the Tango T600 looks as ridiculous as it sounds. Seating two people in a tandem arrangement (one in front of the other), the Tango is a very small car. So small in fact that four of them can fit into a regular parking space. But don't let the diminutive size lull you into a false sense of security, because this joke on wheels is also quick: going 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds, and topping out at 150 miles per hour. Now, if the idea of going 150 miles per hour in a glorified golf cart takes your fancy then you are welcome to get one for yourself. Just don't expect to get any change from $108,000.