Why The Mother Of One Of Jeffrey Dahmer's Victims Was Angry At Evan Peters' Golden Globe Win

No matter how you might feel about Netflix profiting off of the actions of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, it's hard to ignore just how well Evan Peters played the Milwaukee Cannibal. The actor's storied performance in "Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" was well-received by the millions of viewers who tuned into the streaming service. In addition, at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, Peters was presented with the award for best actor in a limited series, anthology series, or television motion picture (via E! News). The "American Horror Story" alum took time to thank Ryan Murphy, who directed him in the series that made Peters a household name and allowed him to shine in the Dahmer series that he produced. As Peters' short acceptance speech went on, he gave sincere thanks to the fans and to all the cast and crew who worked to make another of Murphy's visions come to successful fruition. 

The series received three additional Golden Globe nominations, but Peters was the only one to emerge with a win (per Fansided). But the accolades for Peters' performance didn't strike the best chord with everyone. The surviving family member of at least one of Dahmer's 17 victims spoke out publicly against the industry making money off of the horrific tragedies caused by Dahmer, giving a needed perspective on how Hollywood can sometimes exploit real-life horror without regard to those who have suffered from them the most.

Shirley Hughes' son was murdered by Dahmer in 1991

In episode six of the series, Jeffrey Dahmer befriends and kills Tony Hughes in what might be considered the most heart-wrenching episode of the show. Hughes met Dahmer at a local gay club and was invited back to his apartment. Dahmer attacked and murdered Hughes, leaving his body on the apartment floor for several days before beginning the process of disposing of it (per Today).

It's difficult to imagine what the loved ones of a murder victim must go through when the news of a victim's death is given to them. The trauma this creates can subside over time, but for some family members of Dahmer's many victims, the series "Dahmer-Monster" was like reliving it all over again. Hughes's mother, Shirley, didn't hold back her feelings about the series or the Golden Globe Award it won when she was interviewed by TMZ.

Hughes expressed her anger about Peters' acceptance speech, telling the outlet that she felt the actor should have used his time to at least give mention to the family members of Dahmer's victims who are still in anguish over their horrific losses. Additionally, Hughes feels that Peters could have made a plea for Hollywood to stop telling the stories of these brutal killers and glorifying them. She also offered these stinging words: "There's a lot of sick people around the world, and people winning acting roles from playing killers keeps the obsession going and this makes sick people thrive on the fame."

Hughes believes the families should have been compensated

Despite some of the backlash from the public regarding the series, "Dahmer-Monster" has been a cash cow for the streaming giant. Netflix inked a $300 million deal with producer Ryan Murphy back in 2018, and the producer hit a home run with his latest series. Soon after its release, it was the second most streamed show on Netflix, behind only "Stranger Things" (per the New York Post).

Hughes was also upset that Netflix turned a huge profit from the series but that none of the people who were impacted by Dahmer's murder spree were even considered. She told TMZ, "It's a shame that people can take our tragedy and make money. The victims never saw a cent. We go through these emotions every day."

Rita Isbell, the sister of Dahmer victim Errol Lindsey, agrees with Hughes. Though her character was portrayed in one crushing courtroom scene on the series, Isbell was not compensated in any way by the streaming service that has done well with the show. She points out that even though she doesn't need the money, other family members of Dahmer's victims might be in a position to use it (via Insider).