The Only NFL Team That Has A Winning Regular-Season Record Against Tom Brady

A few weeks before Super Bowl LVII, in which the Kansas City Chiefs would compete against the Philadelphia Eagles for the Lombardi Trophy, Tom Brady, considered by many to be the greatest quarterback of all time, announced he would retire from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via ESPN). This time, "for good," Brady said in the social media post through which he shared the news. That comment was in reference to the seven-time Super Bowl champion's retirement and then un-retirement in advance of the 2022-23 season.

As Bleacher Report notes, by most any measure, Brady, who was 45 years old at the time the announcement was made, is head and shoulders above every QB in NFL history. As noted by ESPN, he leads all others in, among other statistics, career passing yards and touchdown passes. In the regular season, Brady alone — whether with the New England Patriots, where he played for 20 seasons, or with Tampa Bay, where he played three — boasts a winning record in his long career against nearly all other teams in the league save for one, according to Fansided. For the team in question, that's clearly a rare distinction.

Brady was 2-2 against the Seahawks and 49ers

As the Kansas City Star writes, in the more than two decades Tom Brady played in the NFL, he went 2-2 with the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, but otherwise, Brady boasts a winning regular season record against all other 29 NFL teams. In the postseason, it's a different story. With both teams combined, Brady went 35-13 in the playoffs and Super Bowl, an almost inhuman stat line, per Fansided. Add to that, Brady was undefeated in the regular season against his old team, the Patriots, as well as Bucs and the Vikings.

As Bleacher Report writes, there were bigger, stronger, and faster quarterbacks out there, but few compared with Brady in terms of decision-making and accuracy. He was also lucky enough to play as long as he did without serious injury. On the news that Brady was done for good, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who suggested offering Brady a one-day contract so that he could hang up his cleats in New England, told ESPN (via Boston), "I don't believe in the 100-year-old history of the NFL, there's been a quarterback of Tom's ilk. I would have trouble ever believing there would be another one."

The Chiefs had a winning regular-season record against Brady

All the superlatives laid upon Tom Brady's career won't change the fact that there is one NFL team that holds a winning record against Tom Brady in the regular season: the Kansas City Chiefs. In Brady's lengthy career, the Chiefs bested the champion six out of the 11 times they faced them for a final record of 5-6. It didn't start out that way. Prior to Kansas City coach Andy Reid's introduction to the team, Brady led the regular season 4-1 against Kansas City, as Fansided explains.

Chiefs' bragging rights aside, the fact that Reid and the Chiefs have a winning record against Brady seems unlikely to change the future hall-of-famer's legacy. On the news that Brady was done for good, Patriots coach Bill Belichick released a statement that read (via Twitter), "Tom Brady was the ultimate winner. He entered the NFL with little to no fanfare and leaves as the most successful player in league history. His relentless pursuit of excellence drove him on a daily basis."