Marvel Heroes Whose Netflix Shows Would Beat Daredevil

The second season of the hit Netflix series Daredevil has come and gone and the verdict is finally in: eh. I mean, it was really cool and everything. But Marvel just has so many awesome characters that whenever something they do is just okay, I can't help but think of all the more interesting projects they could have done instead. So just what should Netflix work on next? Glad you asked, because I just happen to have a list of Marvel characters whose Netflix series would probably be better than Daredevil right here!

Moon Knight

Whenever fanboys argue over whether DC is better than Marvel, the DC argument pretty much consists of the fact that DC has Batman. That's...basically all DC has going for them. But guess what? Marvel has Batman too! Only, in the Marvel Universe, his name is Moon Knight. The living avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, millionaire playboy, and professional mercenary Marc Spector stalks the night to bring justice to the sinners of his city. If you've ever wondered what Batman would be like if the geniuses at Marvel Studios were in charge instead of the clowns at Warner Bros., a Netflix Moon Knight series would be a dream come true.

Morbius the Living Vampire

Superhero TV shows are almost a dime a dozen at this point, but one thing the networks haven't yet figured out how to pull off is a supernatural superhero show. It just doesn't usually feel like a natural fit. That's where Morbius comes in. See, Morbius is a vampire, but only kind of: he's actually a researcher who becomes a vampire through a failed biochemical experiment rather than through sorcery, making him the perfect bridge between science and the supernatural in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a foot in both worlds, the story possibilities are endless.

The Punisher

The Punisher was in so much of Daredevil season two, the whole thing seemed pretty much like an extended test run to see if he could carry his own series. Which is funny, considering The Punisher has already appeared in three feature films—two more than Daredevil himself managed. So we already know the character has what it takes to be popular. And now, thanks to Daredevil season two, we also know that he works just as well on the small screen as the big screen, if not better. Why not just acknowledge the obvious and turn Daredevil season three into The Punisher season one? It's what most fans want right now anyway. Rumors have floated on the Internet that a series based on the Punisher is actually in the works, so it's possible this character may actually get the greenlight.

The Runaways

From the moment the Runaways first appeared back in 2003, rumors have swirled that there would soon be a film or television adaptation. The fact that we're still waiting more than a decade later is boggling considering what a great premise The Runaways has. When a group of teenagers discover their parents are actually supervillains, they must decide which is more important: family, or saving the world. With great characters and the highest of stakes, The Runaways seem like a no brainer. Are you listening, Netflix?

Ghost Rider

Okay, so Ghost Rider already appeared in two pretty bad feature films. But there's no reason Netflix needs to let Nic Cage anywhere near it this time. And the character is much better suited for a TV series rather than a movie; the nature of the character as a spirit of vengeance who drifts from town to town on his motorcycle looking to right wrongs is practically made for episodic storytelling. It's the same formula that made The Incredible Hulk one of the most beloved and successful superhero shows of all time. Now replace Hulk with a motorcycle-riding demon with a flaming skull and you've got the perfect recipe for some unhinged, hardcore action like nothing on TV before.

The Exiles

From DC's Legends of Tomorrow to X-Men: Days of Future Past, some of the coolest superhero shows and movies have been those that revolved around visiting alternate realities and timelines. And that's what The Exiles is all about. See, the Exiles are a group of superpowered refugees from various alternate universes who travel from one reality to another correcting mistakes and smoothing over disruptions in time. It's pure sci-fi adventure, like Sliders only with superheroes. How awesome does that sound? If Marvel could untangle the rights to these guys from 20th Century Fox (since they're technically X-Men characters), it could work out.


Hey, everyone liked Jessica Jones, right? Well, here's some fun trivia for you: Jessica Jones creator Brian Michael Bendis created Jessica Jones in the first place because Marvel wouldn't let him tell that story with Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, in the lead role. Now Netflix has a chance to fix that mistake by bringing Spider-Woman to the television. And not only is Jessica Drew a detective, she's also, you know, Spider-Woman! Take everything you loved about Jessica Jones and add everything you love about Spider-Man and you're left with a show that would blow Daredevil and its fans away. Since Marvel and Sony started sharing Spider-Man, it shouldn't be so hard to get Spider-Woman a Netflix series if thery wanted one, right?

John Kowalski

Never heard of John Kowalski? Well, that's cool, because I'm about to give you a primer. Cursed by a dying man, Kowalski was doomed to become an agent of death, taking over the bodies of the recently slain in order to complete their unfinished business so they could find peace in the afterlife. It's just like Quantum Leap, except every episode ends begins and ends with the main character dying horribly as Kowalski is shunted off to experience his next terrible doom. Kowalski's only hope: either find someone willing to take his place, or spend an eternity redeeming his own soul one death at a time. I can almost smell the Emmys now. Side note: what do Emmys smell like?

The Black Widow

It's time to stop asking Marvel when they're going to make a Black Widow movie. Instead, maybe we should take another approach: how about a Netflix series? After all, Natasha's spy antics would make a great hook for a complex political action series, like Homeland on steroids. Plus, both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter have laid the groundwork for the Black Widow's universe, exploring both her origins and the present state of black ops in the Marvel Universe. Netflix should stop nibbling around the edges and bring in the big guns by giving Marvel's own female Jason Bourne the spotlight. And if that knocks Daredevil off its perch, well, that's fitting too. After all, the characters once both shared a comic book series before she got dumped to make more room for him. Turnabout would be fair play.


After being grievously injured in a bombing that killed his parents, Keith Remsen awakens from a long coma to discover he's gained the ability to enter and manipulate other people's dreams. By day, he struggles to deal with the physical and emotional after effects of the attack. By night, he prowls the dreamscapes of the wicked as Nightmask, searching for clues to his parents' killer. The original Nightmask comic was a complete flop, but the concept offers a fantastic opportunity for trippy, creepy, and weird stories unlike anything else in the Marvel Universe, or on television.


They may not be household names, but there's pretty much no superhero team better suited for modern television than the band of mutants known as X-Statix. Or should I say, "superheroes." A cutting satire on both superheroes and today's celebrity driven, reality TV culture, X-Statix follows a group of super-powered narcissists more interested in trending on social media than stopping evil. They'll do anything for publicity and a few dollars, even if it means piling up the body count, innocents included. Mr. Sensitive, U-Go Girl, and Anarchist may not be the heroes we need, but they certainly are the heroes we deserve. Like the Exiles, X-Statix are part of the X-Men pantheon of characters, so it could definitely happen if Marvel and 20th Century Fox start to make nice...


Imagine all the spy intrigue of Black Widow crossed with the mysticism of Dr. Strange and the action of the classic TV hit Kung-Fu, and you have a pretty good idea what a Shang-Chi series would look like. The son of an immortal Chinese terrorist, Shang-Chi rejects his father's legacy and instead devotes his life to mastering martial arts in order to take down his father's organization and save the world. Forget Daredevil's goofy ninja nonsense; Shang-Chi brings real martial arts action in the context of a globe-trotting adventure resonating with powerful themes more relevant today than ever. Like the Punisher rumors, there's word that Netflix might bring Shang-Chi to the cast of Iron Fist, too. But why not just cut the crap and give him his own series? C'mon, Netflix, let's get this one done already!