Body Language Expert Breaks Down UFO Whistleblower's Testimony

In July 2023 the House Oversight Committee's national security subcommittee heard testimony from retired Air Force officer David Grusch, a one-time military intelligence officer who claims to have insider information on a decades-old top-secret Pentagon program related to UFOs, or "unidentified flying objects" — now commonly referred to as UAPs or "unidentified aerial phenomenon." Included in Grusch's testimony were shocking allegations about what the Pentagon knows about possible extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth and how long they've known it.

Grusch also alleged the Pentagon has been involved in UAP crash recovery for decades. He also said it is "reverse engineering" technology found in the debris via behind-the-scenes shuffling of money to ensure it never has to face congressional scrutiny, CBS News reports. When asked by lawmakers how far parts of the U.S. government had gone to conceal this information, Grusch declined to comment, though he did imply threats of retaliation were significant, according to NPR. Grusch was flanked by two fighter pilots who also testified about their own UAP encounters.

News of possible alien life visiting Earth and potential government coverup is greeted with equal parts interest and skepticism, and much of what Grusch and the two former pilots told lawmakers raised as many questions as it provided answers. But according to body language expert Jess Ponce III — co-author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Speaker Within," speaking exclusively with Grunge News — from his opening statement, Grusch delivered his words with "vigor and conviction."

His body language revealed little conflict about what he said

Body language expert Jess Ponce III told Grunge News that while giving his opening remarks to the House Oversight subcommittee, David Grusch seemed "very proud to be making this statement" and truly believed what he was reading. After examining Grusch's opening remarks, Ponce III found "no conflict in his body language." "Rather, he is focused on his words," Ponce III said. "There is enthusiasm in his voice and a subtle excitement in his cadence. He's eager to speak."

As well as alleged UAP crash recovery, NPR reports Grusch said the government has found non-human "biologics" in some cases, and that parts of the U.S. government have known about non-human or extraterrestrial life since at least the 1930s. Adding credence to Grusch's testimony, in 2019 he was involved in two government inquiries into reported UAP phenomenon. When Grusch asked for access to information about the Pentagon's UAP wreck recovery — which he called a "a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program," per CBS News  — his requests were denied.

But since agreeing to come forward, he along with others investigating the matter have been exposed to what was, in his words, "administrative terrorism." As reported by NPR, Grusch said the tactics used were "very brutal and very unfortunate" and "hurt me both professionally and personally." He stopped short of alleging murder, but said he could only answer certain questions in a sensitive compartmented information facility, or SCIF — a heavily-fortified space where highly-classified government information is discussed, per The Washington Post.

Grusch seemed coached when asked about potential risks to whistleblowers

When pressed on the matter of risk for coming forward with UAP-related allegations, body language expert Jess Ponce III told Grunge News that David Grusch seemed "very appropriate in what he says and does not say" and said that "you can see that he has been coached." Grusch provides very little detail as to how he and others have been targeted, but Ponce III noted he "did use the word 'brutal,' which is a strong characterization," and "his expression and use of pause reinforce this sentiment."

As far as personal knowledge of people who have been harmed in an alleged coverup, Ponce III noted Grusch "simply replied 'yes.'" "That response hung in the courtroom for what felt like minutes," the body language expert said. "Simple and direct, that statement said quite a lot. He was appropriate, concise, and certain in delivering this one-word response. It was then followed up by 'personally,' emphasizing that he has information no one else might have." But when asked if anyone had been murdered, Ponce III noted that Grusch "again noted he had to direct that question to the authorities."

Former Navy Pilot Ryan Graves, who claimed to have seen evidence of UAPs, also told the subcommittee (via CBS News), "I urge us to put aside stigma and address the security and safety issue this topic represents. If UAP are foreign drones, it is an urgent national security problem. If it is something else, it is an issue for science. ... The American people deserve to know what is happening in our skies. It is long overdue."