Everything We Know About The Alleged Alien Bodies Found In Peru

Oh, what a time for alien enthusiasts to be alive! Back in 2021, the CIA declassified almost 2,800 pages of actual government documents regarding investigations into UFOs — now rebranded "UAPs," or "unidentified aerial phenomenon" — going back to the 1940s, all of which are available in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room. More recently in April 2023, Director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office Sean Kirkpatrick testified that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) was actively investigating around 650 UAPs, per Politico. Then in July, former intelligence official David Grusch testified that the U.S. government has been collecting and analyzing alien spacecraft for decades, per Space.com. A month later, former CIA agent John Ramirez said this all such reports are a buildup to a forthcoming 2027 revelation regarding alien activity on Earth, per SyFy.

Well, now alien fans in the crowd can take a deep breath and peer through the glass cover of two temperature-controlled containers presented to the public by Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, as the Independent explains. Depending on your perspective, the sight inside will evoke either uproarious laughter or shock and awe at humanity's confirmed lack of cosmic loneliness. Inside, as Maussan professes, rests two, honest-to-goodness, little alien-looking creatures. Ok, maybe. They look a bit stiff, to be honest, and suspiciously like leftover '80s "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" plastic merchandise fetched at a tag sale and covered in buckwheat powder. But Maussan claims they're authentic, and that he's done the tests to prove it.

An out of this world claim

So yes, who expected that they'd live to see the day when a Sky Australia news story headlined with the title, "Aliens Presented to Mexican Parliament?" Such a headline, however, implicitly concludes that the "aliens" in question are actual, extraterrestrial, biological entities when there's about zero percent consensus that that's the case. At the very least, we know one guy who'd agree that they're aliens: Giorgio Tsoukalos from the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens." Come on, you know him: the "it was aliens" guy. 

There's definitely one other person for whom the aliens' alien status is a closed case: "self-described ufologist" Jaime Maussan. Per NPR, Maussan showed up at Mexico's Congress on Tuesday, September 12, with two little corpse-looking things in boxes. "These are not mummies," he said. "These are complete bodies that have not been manipulated." The bodies are bipedal and bi-symmetrical like humans, whitish in color, have enlarged heads like typical alien depictions, big eyes, small noses, small mouths, and three fingers per hand. Maussan said the aliens have no teeth and therefore didn't eat, but only drank. The position of the eyes, he said, "allowed for a wide stereoscopic vision."

As USA Today says, Maussan claims that miners found the bodies at Cusco, Peru, in 2017, in a layer of fossilized algae. Carbon dating, he said, reveals that they're up to 1,800 years old. DNA tests, he said, indicated 30% "unknown" DNA that is "not part of our terrestrial evolution."  

Jamie Maussan has been debunked before

Out of all the claims that Jaime Maussan made about the supposed alien bodies that he presented to Mexican Congress, one statement stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of outlandishness. As USA Today reports, he reported that one of the aliens had implants composed of Osmium and other rare metals, while the other alien had "eggs or ovaries." NPR says that Maussan stated that this latter alien was, in fact, pregnant. 

Even aside from such dubious bizarreness, there's one glaring problem with this whole story: Maussan has been involved in another fraudulent alien body discovery. In 2018 Live Science reported that Maussan was connected to an investigation into other so-called "alien" bodies, also discovered in Nazca, Peru. These bodies were less the size of dollar-store kids' toys and more the size of human mummies. And lo and behold, it seems like that's exactly what they were. Someone by the single name of "Mario" apparently found actual human mummies, removed all but three fingers from each hand, and then started charging people to see them and conduct tests on them. It stands to reason that this is why Maussan stated this time around that the little corpses in question were not mummies and weren't "manipulated" in any way.

For Spanish speakers in the crowd, there's a video of the de-boxing of the current alien bodies on Twitter, with Maussan speaking and two other researchers accompanying him.