Who Is Taylor Schabusiness' Husband, Warren?

The following article contains disturbing descriptions of murder.

Sometimes a story's got it all, and there's nothing to do but marvel at a perfect confluence of disgust, depravity, and horror. Such is the case with Taylor Schabusiness, a woman who murdered her lover Shad Thyrion using a chain while they were having sex, cut off his head, chucked it in a bucket, continued to do some casual dismembering, tossed those pieces in plastic shopping bags in the basement, and then laughed, smiled, and bragged about it before a judge in 2022, per the Daily Mail. In 2023, AP News explains that 25-year-old Schabusiness was sentenced to life in prison without parole, a decision that we're doubting many would contest. That is, unless you happened to be Schabusiness' husband, Warren.

Warren Schabusiness — real name Warren E. Schabow — has been surprisingly nonchalant about his wife's unrepentant affair-murder-dismemberment business. In a Facebook post from February 2023, he admitted that his wife "needs help mentally," but beyond that pointed fingers at authorities for not approaching her case in a more sympathetic, rehabilitative manner. He continued by saying that Taylor "still has family/people that love her no matter what her situation might be," and that he would "forever stand behind her forever." He also said that his wife's "addiction played a big role" in her crimes, as well as her "mental backround" and "post-partum depression." Warren related these things from prison, as he himself is in custody on methamphetamine-related charges.

He was incarcerated on methamphetamine charges

As Daily Mail explains, Warren and Taylor Schabusiness had been together since 2017 and got married in 2020. They had a son, Mateo, in 2021, who currently lives in Texas with Warren's grandparents. Beyond these bare-bones facts, not much is known about Warren and Taylor's relationship other than that Warren seemingly remains devoted to his wife and son, writing, "Baby boo Mateo, I pray for you every day, we think about you non stop and we promise we will always be here for you."

Earlier in 2023, Warren was logging into Facebook from prison to post updates about his opinion of his and his wife's charges. In a February 24 Facebook post, Warren described how his current prison term shrunk because he'd gotten a "conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine" charge reduced to "possession with intent to deliver" while using the hashtags #LoyaltyOverEveryThing and #FreeMyWifeTaylorSchabusiness. AP News notes that before committing her murder and dismemberment, Taylor Schabusiness smoked meth.

In the aforementioned February 24 post, Warren stated that he'd be out of prison by January 2024. His sentence, he said, had been shortened to 28 months because he'd previously served 25 months. He also said that he'd been earning FSA (First Step Act) Time Credits for completing certain programs and activities while incarcerated to shorten his sentence. "[N]ow you know a little more about Warren and trust me come my release there will be lots more to know about myself and my Wife," he finished.

He was supportive of Taylor from prison

In another Facebook post from February 22, Warren Schabusiness addressed perceived criticisms of his wife Taylor more combatively, blaming someone named "Shade" who "gave her drugs which caused all this." At that point, seven months before a Brown County, Wisconsin judge handed down Taylor's life without parole sentence, Warren wrote, "My wife Taylor Schabusiness might be locked up for a long time/forever, but that doesnt change the fact that shes my wife, im always gonna stand behind her no matter what." 

Warren then wrote directly to his wife, saying, "Taylor Schabusiness, keep your head up, stay strong, stay postive and continue praying. never forget our bond is stronger then the world and our empire no one understands, till its to late to understand, schabusiness way is the only way, alright then." The "schabusiness" he speaks about points to what he said in the previously mentioned February 24 post — that his real or original name is apparently Warren E. Schabow. But, he continued, "[I]m the one that blessed Taylor with the last name Schabusiness," indicating that he and Taylor's very conspicuous last name was either an adopted moniker or a legally changed name.

After his succession of supportive February 2023 Facebook posts, Warren didn't write anything about Taylor or her trial — or post anything at all besides pictures of himself and his presumed friends in prison. There's been no word from him about Taylor's recent conviction, either. 

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