Baba Vanga's Most Chilling Predictions For 2024

It's that time of year again: speed runs to Walmart to pick up a last-minute gift for your least favorite nephew (you know the one). Also, it's the time when we collectively seek wise, incisive, well-thought out and absolutely clear sociopolitical analyses for the forthcoming calendar year from the greatest commentator and mind of our age. Nah, we're just kidding. We're going to ask a blind Bulgarian lady for prophecies and wring them into shapes that match what we want to hear like animal balloons. Never laugh at ancient Greeks for consulting the Pythia at Delphi, people. Never laugh.

But whatever. It's good fun, right? Especially when some believe that Baba Vanga, the "Nostradamus of the Balkans," predicted the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, Brexit, the spread of COVID-19, and other such splendid times. Some of Baba Vanga's 2023 predictions didn't quite pan out, as Sky History (read: "History") attests, like a radical change to Earth's orbit around the sun. But don't worry — there's still time left before the year ends.

How about 2024, though? Is it shaping up to be a pleasant solar revolution full of sweetness, light, patience, tolerance, goodness, love, and peaceful intentions across the globe? Hah. As the New York Post outlines, some of her 2024 predictions are generic enough to be true no matter what year: economic trouble, political trouble, terrorism, etc. Others are predictable by anyone with internet access, like increased AI usage, and a few are more specific — like Russian President Vladimir Putin getting assassinated.

Economic crises, terrorism, and quantum computing

As a quick refresher, Baba Vanga is the nickname for Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, an honest-to-goodness blind mystic born in 1911 who lived her life in the rural countryside of Bulgaria's Kozhuh mountains, as Newsweek overviews. The Economic Times of India says that Baba Vanga went blind at age 12 because of a storm that somehow also gave her clairvoyance and that allegedly 85% of her predictions have come to fruition. As the tale goes, locals visited her to contact dead relatives. Somewhere along the line, she started making predictions, and now, 27 years after she died in 1996, we wind up with articles like this one. 

As far as 2024 is concerned, sites like Euronews break down Baba Vanga's 2024 predictions into seven categories. As mentioned, we've got the usual disastrous portends like natural disasters and strained economies due to increased debt and geopolitical complications. We've also got terrorist attacks within Europe and biological weapons testing from a "big country," which veers towards the specific but ends vaguely. 

From there, Baba Vanga gets tech-savvy. She said that 2024 would see cybercrime reach new heights as "advanced hackers" try to take out infrastructure like power grids and water treatment plants. Quantum computing, meanwhile, would achieve a "major breakthrough" that the Economic Times of India somehow connects to artificial intelligence (AI). Oh also, the Irish Examiner reports that Baba Vanga claimed a "mighty dragon" would conquer the world, which some take to be a world power like China, India, or Russia.

The death of Putin and also Alzheimer's

But don't worry, 2024 isn't all death and destruction. Okay, it *is* death, but, well ... at least the people of Ukraine won't be complaining. As Euronews says, Baba Vanga reported that 2024 would see the assassination of Vladimir Putin by one of his fellow countrymen. While this isn't a totally unreasonable prediction in general, the recent war between Russia and Ukraine has definitely upped the possibility to the near future rather than the far future. In fact, numerous sites like Insider, The Guardian, and the CBC have gone in depth about Putin's paranoia of assassins lurking around every corner. If Baba Vanga is correct, maybe Putin's got a point.

And finally, Baba Vanga predicted two glowingly wonderful pieces of news to top off the horror sundae. She didn't get specific (that would ruin the guessing game), but she did say that 2024 would see some kind of advancements in the treatment of Alzheimer's and cancer. Which form of cancer? No clue. But if either were true, it would be something desperately needed by millions worldwide; 55 million people suffer from dementia across the globe, including Alzheimer's, and 2020 saw 10 million deaths from various forms of cancer. Even if this prediction turns out to be unfounded, it's certainly worth hoping and striving for. Then again, Baba Vanga said that Earth will become uninhabitable by 2341, per Newsweek. Ah well. Best let the good come while it can.