Here's Who Inherited Peter O'Toole's Estate After He Died

Peter O'Toole, the Irish-born actor as well known for his hard-partying ways as for his many film and stage performances, was dead. His family, including his ex-wife Siân Phillips and their daughters Kate and Patricia, his son Lorcan, and ex-girlfriend Karen Somerville, held his funeral just four days before Christmas in 2013, per the Daily Mail. That day, Kate and Patricia waltzed down the aisle of the Golders Green crematorium in North London in homage to their father who did the same at his mother's funeral, according to "Peter O'Toole: The Definitive Biography."

At the time, it appeared as if all was well with the family as they mourned the actor who rose to fame in the title role of "Lawrence of Arabia" in 1962. But just weeks later, the details of the actor's will became public, and a shocking revelation emerged. While O'Toole left sizable bequests to his children Kate and Lorcan, he had completely cut his youngest daughter Patricia out of his will, according to the Express.

Estrangement and snub

When Peter O'Toole died on December 14, 2013, of stomach cancer, his estate was worth $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He left his daughter Kate £4 million, per the Express. She had a close relationship with her father. "I simply have lost a great dad and the best friend I ever had," she said during a eulogy at her father's funeral (via The Independent). "Daddy made me laugh more than anyone else I have ever met in my life."

But regarding his younger daughter, Patricia, O'Toole left "no provision" for her since they had been estranged "for some years," in the words he used in the will, per the Daily Mail. "I appreciate it is interesting to the public, but it is a personal and family matter," Patricia told the Daily Mail in 2014 concerning the apparently strained relationship between her and her father. "I do not wish to make any comment." The actor had already given her a 25 percent stake in his production company years earlier from which she would "receive substantial financial benefit" from the company, Keep Films Ltd., per the will. That stake is actually held by both of his daughters.

Others who benefitted

While Patricia received nothing from her father Peter O'Toole's will, her daughter, Jessica, did inherit. The actor left his granddaughter Jessica £360,000 and his Mini Cooper car, per the Express. She was 14 at the time and under British law couldn't receive her inheritance until she turned 18.

The actor's son Lorcan, who was born in 1983 to O'Toole's then-girlfriend, model Karen Somerville, received £760,000 million and property, per the Daily Mail. Besides inheriting the bulk of her father's estate, the actor also gave Kate his art collection, jewelry, and books. He left his personal assistant the equivalent of £200,000. Peter O'Toole gave his sister, also named Patricia, a variety of theater collectibles, including posters. After the funeral, his family scattered his ashes at a beach near Clifden, the Republic of Ireland, according to "Peter O'Toole: The Definitive Biography."