Here's How Much Adam Savage From Mythbusters Is Worth Now

Adam Savage is the former host of Mythbusters, a maker extraordinaire, and the person everyone wants to be friends with (if only because he seems to have unlimited access to explosives). He's made a career out of goofing off, building stuff, and being a total geek, and let's face it — that makes him pretty much the envy of every man who ever lived and at least 75% of all women. 

If you don't envy this dude and his exceptionally cool life, it's probably because it seems that no mortal human being could possibly hope to become wealthy while hanging out in a workshop all day, building Iron Man suits and testing giant, terrifying weapons from the past. But deep down inside you know it's possible, because the great Adam Savage has managed to crack the code of how to become rich while doing nothing but tinkering in his workshop. If only he would bust the myth for the rest of us and share his secret.

How much is he worth, really?

Now you're dying to know how much money Adam Savage has accumulated during his long and illustrious career of building stuff and then blowing it up, so here you go. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Savage has a net worth of around $8 million. Don't start planning your building/exploding career just yet, though. Remember that Savage has a background in movie special effects, and besides Mythbusters, some of his credits include films like The Matrix Reloaded, Galaxy Quest, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Maybe that last one isn't that awesome, but still, the guy has made a career out of building stuff because he's really awesome at building stuff. 

So if you want an $8 million career in special effects and ComicCon costume design, well, you probably won't be able to do it just by buying a 3D printer and some expensive tools. Adam Savage has earned his way into that cushy maker career, and he came a long way to get there.