How Much Does A Doomsday Bunker Really Cost?

Doomsday preppers seem to fall into two categories. There are those who grew up in the Scouts and took Scar from The Lion King's motto to heart: Be prepared. Then there are tinfoil hat wearing blokes who are still living off their leftover canned peaches and cream of wheat from Y2K. If there's such a thing as being too prepared, these are the poster children. But you're crazy until you're right, so we'll reserve our judgement for judgement day. If you're in the market for a doomsday bunker in order to survive the next apocalypse, here's what it'll cost you.

The most affordable option from the Rising S Bunkers emergency shelter company clocks in at $55,900, but that doesn't include shipping and installation, likely to run another $15 to $30 grand. What this econo-shelter nets you is a 10 by 20 foot bunker ideal for a small family, with a bevy of features from a bulletproof door to a composting toilet, along with a TV/DVD combo that runs off a solar powered 12-volt generator. That actually sounds way better than the average hostel.

The high cost of doomsday bunkers

On the high end you'll find models like "The Aristocrat", which would make even the most dire circumstances feel like summer vacation. The features are seemingly endless, but this should give you an idea of life on the inside — it can house 50 or more people comfortably, and it's got a bowling alley, sauna and theater. This can be yours for the low price of $8,350,000.

These prices are in line with the market rate. Disaster Bunkers calculates a cost of $37,000 per every 200 square feet of bunker you want, but of course, prices will vary based on factors like what soil you're digging in, the depth of your bunker and the quality of electrical wiring, filtration equipment and so on.

The only problem with the concept of a bunker is that it seems to be a wealthy person's game. How many people do you know that can afford to plop down $100,000 for peace of mind? What if you're at the grocery store when the nuke hits? There are no guarantees, but in terms of survival, it seems doomsday bunkers are about the closest you can get.