The Real Meaning Of Angel Number 777

As ThoughtCo observes, "Seven appears to be a universally lucky or holy number." Japan has seven gods of luck. Christianity has seven deadly sins. There are seven wonders of the ancient world, seven wonders of the modern world, and seven wonders of the natural world, which should make you wonder how many worlds actually exist on Earth. 

Even your brain seems to have a special connection to the number seven. Psychology Today notes that most people can only hold a maximum of seven pieces of information in their short term memory. On July 7, 2007 (or 07/07/07), Professor Keith Devlin told NPR that 7 is the largest number of objects the brain can recognize without counting, which might explain why Andre the Giant, a.k.a. the "Eighth Wonder of the World," doesn't automatically count as one of the world's wonders. Plus, according to Devlin, "If you ask people to pick a number between one and 10, almost everybody picks the number seven." So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that people would see multiple sevens in a row as special. But why is 777 especially special? 

Seven is literally a lucky number

As described by Bible Study, the number seven shows up 54 times in the Book of Revelation and 735 times in the Bible overall. And that doesn't include the use of the words 'sevenfold' and 'seventh,' which would bring the total tally to 860. In the Bible, God creates the world in seven days, which is more than just a lucky coincidence. Per Learn Religions, numbers double as coded messages in the Bible. Known as gematria, the coding system assigns a numeric value to letters, in this case Hebrew. The number seven corresponds with the Hebrew word for "luck." Similarly, 666 symbolizes the Antichrist and translates to the name Nero, the first Roman Emperor to persecute Christians. 

If the number seven literally means "luck," then how come people see trio of them as lucky but not a septet? Wouldn't seven sevens be luck squared or something? Why wouldn't an infinite string of sevens be lucky? Perhaps it's rooted in the significance of the number three, which in gematria "means completeness and stability." The Bible has three wise men, and Christianity has a Holy Trinity. Meanwhile, the website Angel Number writes that 777 "is perceived as a contrast against number 666," making it the number of the anti-Antichrist.