Old '90s TV Shows We Still Love And Watch Today

Let's be real: kids have completely crap taste in television shows. And we were no exception back when we were young. But kids these days at least have the excuse that they're still children. We have no such excuse for the shameful and embarrassing fact that we actually still love to watch the same shows today that we reveled in as children, no matter how objectively bad those shows may be. So, which shows are the most egregious offenders? Take a look, but be warned: you'll never, ever hear us utter a bad word about any of these bona fide childhood classics.


You think Game of Thrones has some serious fantasy? Well brother, just wait until you get a load of Gargoyles. For three seasons in the mid-90\'s, Gargoyles perplexed and amazed children with moody drama about immortal stone protectors of the night battling threats both mystical and existential. There\'s so much to love about Gargoyles it\'s hard to pick just one thing to focus on, but many fans nerd out over how several of the voice actors were also veterans of the Star Trek franchise, including Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis of Next Generation fame. Awesome.


Confession time: we\'re not in the least bit embarrassed about the fact that we still watch Animaniacs, because it\'s vastly superior to just about every show currently on television. Developed by executive producer Steven Spielberg, Animaniacs was one of the few cartoons that not only didn\'t pander to its young audience, but assumed the kids were smart enough to get adult-level jokes and references. And now that we\'re old enough to actually understand those jokes, instead of just pretending to so we feel older, the show is even better!

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

If you still do The Carlton at every dance party, there\'s a good chance you might have grown up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Also, there\'s a great chance you\'re a terrible dancer. But that\'s cool, because you clearly have the very best taste in TV shows. Will Smith was already a household name in hip-hop circles, thanks to his hit records with DJ Jazzy Jeff, but with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he introduced the rest of the nation to his unique brand of infectious charm. He\'s gone on to do all sorts of bigger projects in film and television since, but better? We don\'t think so. Just ask Carlton.

Saved By the Bell

Thanks to how Saved By the Bell seemingly went into syndicated reruns the very moment it debuted, it almost doesn\'t matter how old you are — if you were alive any time after 1989, Saved By the Bell has likely been a huge part of your life. Sure, it\'s essentially a live-action retread of Archie Comics, but there\'s a reason Archie and his pals have been popular for over 75 years: because archetypes like Archie (Zack), Veronica (Kelly), Jughead (Screech), Betty (Jessie), and Slater (Reggie), are timeless. Just how timeless? A Saved By the Bell-themed restaurant just opened in Chicago.

Power Rangers

Go, go, Power Rangers! Maybe our favorite thing about Power Rangers is that when the show first debuted in Japan, it had completely different stories. When it came to America, producers here simply took the footage and rearranged it to create something entirely new (and entirely super-cool) for domestic audiences. After more than two decades, the show is still going in one form or another, meaning there\'s never an end to the kaiju-battling fun, and no real reason to ever grow out of watching the show. Here\'s hoping they keep making Power Rangers shows (and movies) for another two decades.

Darkwing Duck

A spin-off of the classic Disney animated series DuckTales (which we\'re not embarrassed to say we also still watch while wearing footie pajamas and eating Spaghetti-O\'s), Darkwing is basically the Shadow, only he\'s an animated duck. Darkwing Duck inexplicably lasted only three seasons instead of the infinity seasons this premise clearly deserves, but they still managed to churn out 91 episodes in barely over a year of production. Our only regret is that there was never a spin-off series starring his sidekick, Launchpad McQuack. It\'s not too late, Disney!

Muppet Babies

The concept is simple: it\'s the Muppets, except they\'re all babies. It should be a terrible idea and a terrible show. And frankly, it is! But despite that, we still love it, because even cloyingly annoying baby voices can\'t dampen the irreverent wit and charm of the Muppets. Sure, there are some continuity issues between the timeline of Muppet Babies and the origin story depicted in 1979\'s The Muppet Movie, but ... you know what, that\'s an argument for another time. Our suggestion is just to queue up an episode of Muppet Babies and remember why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is more than a cartoon, and more than a cultural phenomenon ... it\'s a way of life. The question isn\'t whether or not you\'re still secretly watching TMNT — it\'s which version of the show you prefer. The series has gone through so many iterations over the past two decades, fans are extremely divided over which version best captures the essence of our Heroes in a Half-Shell. Not embarrassed to say you\'re still watching TMNT? Well, ask around and other fans will be happy to tell you why you should be embarrassed by your devotion to a version that\'s so clearly inferior to their own childhood preference. Wars have been fought over less.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Finally, there\'s Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It\'s time for all the bros out there to fess up, because we know you secretly watched and loved this show when it was on, even though it was supposedly \"for girls.\" Well, spoiler alert: we\'re still loving and watching the show now, and we don\'t care who knows. Sabrina may have had magic, but it didn\'t solve any of her problems — it just made those problems worse. It was comforting to know that other people were having the same troubles we were, even those who seemed to have everything. Plus, she had a magic, delightfully sarcastic talking cat. Melissa Joan Hart, we still love you!