Here's How Much Money Chuck Norris Is Actually Worth

Chuck Norris has been spin-kicking his way to our hearts in karate tournaments, movies and memes since the 1960s. It makes sense that a man with such a lengthy, high-profile career may have a few dollars stashed away, but in Norris' particular case, it's pretty hard to guess just how much money he may or may not have made over his decades in the business, because he hasn't even stayed in the same business. After all, apart from his martial arts accolades and over 40 movie credits, Money Inc. tells us that Norris has also peddled Total Gym equipment in infomercials and written several books, among other things. Clearly, he's a man of many talents, but how much have said talents earned him? Let's find out!  

Chuck Norris is worth $70 million

Here's a Chuck Norris fact: According to Sportskeeda and Celebrity Net Worth, he's a pretty, pretty rich dude. His estimated net worth is around $70 million, the cornerstone of which comes for his movie career — in particular, his string of 1980s successes like Delta Force and the Missing in Action series. However, he's never been a "$20 million per movie" A-lister. In fact, in the 1970s he earned as little as $10,000 per movie. 

There's no telling where Norris' finances would be had he stuck to his martial arts studios and movie career, as he has padded his earnings considerably with his successful writing career (Did you know he's a two-time New York Times bestselling author?) and his investments. Norris is quite active in the property business, and likes to flip houses at a profit: In 2013, for instance, he sold two estates in Texas for a combined $4.7 million. We can only hope that he sped up the negotiation process by meeting the prospective buyers in his full Walker: Texas Ranger gear and with that patented action hero grimace on his face.