The Richest Family In The World

Every year we're bombarded with lists about the richest billionaires in the world, as the world waits with bated breath to see whether the number one spot is occupied by Unfathomably Rich Guy One or Unfathomably Rich Guy Two at this particular point in history. But have you ever wondered what the richest family in the world is? Maybe the Koch brothers and their ilk? Nope! according to Business Insider, their combined net worth is $107 billion, which is only good for a second place. Perhaps classic rich-people dynasties, like the Hearst family or the Rockefellers? Wrong again — they're worth a "measly" $24.5 billion and $11 billion, respectively. 

It's the Walton family. Yes, the seven family members who control Sam and Bud Walton's Walmart and Sam's Club fortune are worth a combined $169.7 billion, which you may notice makes them richer than all three previously mentioned families put together. In fact, Sam Walton's three children Rob, Alice and Jim (pictured) control such a huge chunk of the money that each of them occupies their own spot in the top 20 of the Forbes list of billionaires, at $44 billion (and a few hundred millions in pocket change) each.  

The richest family in the world earns a ridiculous amount of money every day

Working at Walmart may not be a magic ticket to great wealth, since Inc. reports that the retail giant's average full-time store associates make around $14.26 per hour (according to Walmart's Environmental, Social and Governance Report). Owning Walmart, now, that's a completely different story. As Bloomberg tells us, the Waltons rake in a truly astounding amount of money every single minute: The family's collective fortune grows at a mind-boggling speed of $4 million per hour, which translates to $100 million ... every single day.