Here's How Much Jet Li Is Actually Worth

It can be hard to remember what the martial arts movie scene was like before Jet Li came along. His extensive on-screen career started in 1982, and Biography tells us that before anyone even yelled "Action!" he was already an esteemed multiple-time Wushu champion. His is a long and storied career of pretend-breaking enemy faces in interesting and acrobatic ways, and he remains one of the happy few whose names don't seem out of place in the same sentence as the term "martial arts legend." 

Here's a question: What, exactly, has this long and novel career path paid? Is Li merely comfortably wealthy, or could his peculiar profession have made him downright rich? Let's find out!

Jet Li is worth $200 million

Not only has martial arts stardom made Jet Li rich — it has made him super-rich. In fact, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Li is worth no less than $200 million. His fortune is obviously built on his popularity as a movie star, but that's just part of what makes him so successful. As Reuters tells us, Li is also an investor who gained significant wealth in Hong Kong's Far East Holdings International Ltd in 2015. He's been rubbing shoulders with some really big fish on the business front, too; According to CNBC, he has a lifestyle company with none other than Alibaba's chairman Jack Ma. It seems that the pair's businesses are going quite well, as South China Morning Post tells us the billionaire and the martial arts star have attended the Rural Teacher Awards ceremony together in recent years and get on famously. Since CNN notes that Ma (who is a famous martial arts fan and practitioner himself) retired from Alibaba in 2019, who knows what shenanigans he and Li will get up to in the future? You know, apart from the 2017 martial arts short where the pair fights each other