What Scottie Chapman Has Been Doing Since Leaving Mythbusters

If you enjoy seeing urban legends debunked with real science, there's a good chance that Mythbusters is totally your jam. And if you're an old-school Mythbusters fan, well, then you probably remember Scottie Chapman, the "mistress of metal," who in the mid-2000s lent her welding and machinery talents to 24 episodes of the hit series. A native of Virginia Beach, according to Discovery, Chapman started her Mythbusters tenure with experience working on everything from amusement park rides to race cars. A guitarist, a horse trainer, a gardener, a snowboarder, a video game, a fire dancer, and a loving mother to three orphaned baby squirrels, she'd also spent time teaching a class on metal fabrication at a local high school. 

Though Chapman's days hanging out with the Mythbusters gang were relatively short-lived, her edgy style, tattoos, and personality made her many fans ... who have often wondered what happened to her after she left the show.  

Where did Scottie go?

Though Scottie Chapman rarely came back to the Mythbusters set after leaving, she did stop by in 2016 to attend the cast and crew's special finale viewing party, according to the official Mythbusters Twitter account. Outside of this guest appearance, though, her post-TV life has been quite different from what you might expect. As her long list of accomplishments, careers, and skills proves, she's never been one to rest on her laurels, and so, following her departure from Mythbusters, Heavy reports that she went back to school and got a degree to practice dental hygiene.

Yes, really. According to Chapman's LinkedIn page, she graduated from her studies at Diablo Valley College in 2013, and has gone on to become a successful registered dental hygienist (RDH) in the Maryland area. Pretty cool, though unexpected. Today, Chapman quite understandably keeps her personal life off the internet, but she does have two kids, and presumably has expanded upon her already awesome list of hobbies, skills, and talents over the last decade.