Sheep Wears Human Bra To Support Saggy Udders

Years of marketing by Big Dairy have calcified the idea that when you've got milk, it does your body good. But much like adult diapers, it really depends and occasionally crap happens. In 2019, some of that crap happened to a sheep in New Zealand named Rose. UPI reports that milk did Rose's body bad after she got pregnant with triplets. Her udders became dangerously engorged, damaging the ligaments within and causing those natural milk jugs to become super droopy.

Luckily, a wily vet had a secret weapon. One might even call it a Victoria's Secret weapon. Veterinarian Sarah Clews suggested fitting Rose with a human bra. That might seem funny, but for the sheep it was more gallows than humor. Clews explained that "the udder can hang so low that it can be traumatized on the ground. Unless the situation can be corrected, it is a case for euthanasia." With Rose's life literally hanging in the balance, her only hope was a size 24J maternity bra from the lingerie company — you guessed it — Rose and Thorne. Hence, the sheep's name.

Rose gave birth to three black lambs, and holes were cut into her bra to enable nursing. After a few weeks of extra support, her udders recovered. And if you're wondering why we went all this time without making the nursery rhyme-inspired pun, "Bra Bra Black Sheep," well, YouTube's Buzz60 bleat us to the punch in the next sheep bra story we're about to tell you.

Vitamin double-D

In April 2019, Buzz60 recounted the tale of an "old bra bra black sheep" in the UK that found herself in a bind after her udders sagged so low to the ground that she couldn't feed her twin lambs. This wasn't due to milk-induced damage but rather age-related drooping. Naturally, one of the farmhands offered to let the sheep use one of her double-D bras. The lambs, clearly worried about having the wool pulled over their eyes, were reluctant to drink from the covered udders. But they eventually figured out that the manmade bust-booster was on the up and up.