Here's How Much Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Is Actually Worth

Rivers Cuomo's thick-rimmed classes and thatch of dark hair have been mainstays on the alternative rock scene since Weezer's self-titled debut album arrived with a bang in 1994. Their successful singles, well-crafted albums and cool, Pixies-style sound earned them legions of fans, though as the Los Angeles Times tells us, Cuomo's eclectic musical interests and songwriting tendencies have tested said fans on more than one occasion. Cuomo has taken Weezer's signature "three-cord power pop" in weird directions over the years: He has experimented with electronica and even rap music, courtesy of a Lil Wayne verse on "Can't Stop Partying." He actively seeks out strange and diverse tracks on Spotify and allows them to inspire his own writing. He's fully comfortable with releasing a cover album, featuring Weezer's takes on tunes like Toto's "Africa" and TLC's "No Scrubs." Cuomo even recognizes that the expectations for a Weezer album (and full albums in general) are waning every day, which is why he allows himself to "pursue his impulses" and go in any direction he's inspired to take. As the man himself puts it: "In the old days, there was so much riding on an album. You spent two years making it, then two years promoting it. It had to be exactly right — to represent Weezer exactly as they should be represented. Now it's, like: That's a weird idea — let's try that."

While this approach might be rewarding from an artistic point of view, the question we're asking today is: How has it benefited him financially? How much, exactly, is Rivers Cuomo worth?

Rivers Cuomo's net worth is $35 million

Weezer is a long-tenured and popular band with several hit songs under their belt, but they would probably have a hard time filling a stadium. As such, Rivers Cuomo isn't quite on the level of, say, U2 or Metallica when it comes to personal wealth. Still, he is the principal songwriter for a very well known alt-rock group, which Celebrity Net Worth tells us is enough to earn Cuomo a personal net worth of an estimated $35 million.