The Rabbit Breed That Makes The Best Pet

If you grew up watching classic Looney Tunes episodes, there's a good chance that you thoroughly enjoyed seeing Bugs Bunny drive Daffy Duck mad, befuddle Elmer Fudd, and constantly make wrong turns at Albuquerque. Was it really rabbit season or duck season? Fudd could have shot them both with his double-barrel shotgun and seasoned them however he liked for a meaty feast. Thankfully, Fudd was a dufus, so he didn't. Besides, that wascally wabbit was such a comedic genius that he would taste funny anyway. And you felt it deep in your bones that Bugs would better serve humanity as a pet than on a plate.

Sadly, much like the lusty ape in the episode, "Gorilla My Dreams," you will never have Bugs Bunny to pet to your heart's content. So you'll have to settle for an inferior fluffball that can't crack jokes or convince an idiot not to shoot it. Despite these extremely disappointing shortcomings, there are non-Bugs bunnies that might make a great pet. Which is the best?

A rabbit you definitely shouldn't duck

Much like seasoning, selecting a rabbit is a matter of taste. So it depends on how you weigh considerations like personality, maintenance needs, and rabbit size. For example, writes that the English Lop rabbit has a fantastic personality and doesn't require toys to chew on. However, its cartoonishly long ears require special attention to avoid excessive wax build-up, and you need to trim its nails on a regular basis so the bunny doesn't scratch its own ears. By contrast, the generically named American Rabbit doesn't require special maintenance, but it sounds more likely to be frightened of people, "especially those with smaller hands." So if you have a child or child-sized hands, a nervous American might bite them.

If you want a fun but relatively low-maintenance bunny, a California Rabbit (above) might fit the bill. Described by as "affectionate, gentle," and "energetic," this unique-looking breed was the brainchild of Californian George West, who wanted to create a rabbit with the "perfect" meat and a dense coat. Unless your last name is Fudd, the meat probably isn't a major selling point, but Californian Rabbits like to spend time playing and cuddling. If you want a snuggly friend, this may be the bunny of your dreams, Bugs or not.