The Real Reason Dan Bilzerian Hated The Military

Dan Bilzerian. What a guy! When not putting in the hours serving as a role model for today's youth and actively campaigning for gender equality, he's donating his hard-earned millions to charity and making sick children's wishes come true. He's like a millennial Mother Teresa — in the revisionist sense, where we now remember her as less of a saint and more as a fraud.

Truth be told, while he's no Hitler, Dan Bilzerian is probably not the ideal example for kids these days. Nevertheless, he is the self-proclaimed "King of Instagram," which ranks directly above the "Viceroy of Myspace" and the "Archbishop of TikTok" in terms of authority.

But this isn't the dwarven Uber-Chad's first rodeo when it comes to rank — according to Popular Military, this popular guy was in the Navy. He didn't sail the seven seas, but he did attempt SEAL training twice without graduating. Bilzerian claims to have completed the training both times, despite not actually becoming a SEAL, stating: "I did 510 days of SEAL training, I finished the whole program twice. I was two days to graduation. I did the whole thing and I did the whole thing two times."

Despite that lengthy amount of time, he says he hated it: "I was so over the whole thing, like to me in my mind, okay I've liked check this box. You know I did SEAL training. I finished this. To me it was like okay, I climbed Mount Everest. You know? I've done what I came to do." And apparently, what he came to do was the the training, minus the actual service to his country.

Why Bilzerian couldn't seal the deal

The military-themed website SOFREP reports that "Dan was in BUD/S 229, 238, and 239 before being dropped from training with class 239 for a safety violation on the shooting range."

Apparently the first time around in class 229, he had compound stress fractures in his legs, and after they healed he tried again, making it almost all the way in 238 before his safety violation, which rolled him back to the "second phase of 239", which is why he only cites two attempts instead of three. At this point, it is presumed that his instructors deemed him to be unfit for the SEAL community, and better suited to a life of poker, drugs, sex, and questionable claims. Honestly, that sounds a lot better than compound stress fractures.

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