Snoop Dogg Made A 'Beyond Sausage' Donut Sandwich For Dunkin'

There are commercial collaborations that sound like a match made in heaven, and there are ones that sound like a desperate ad executive brainstormed the whole campaign with Mad Libs five minutes before deadline. It's anyone's guess at which end of the spectrum the team-up between Dunkin' and Snoop Dogg will end up, but it does make a certain amount of strange sense. After all, Mr. Dogg has a solid connection to the world of cooking through his longtime friendship with Martha Stewart. Oh, and he's also a longtime proponent of certain psychoactive substances that have been known to potentially increase one's donut intake, though surely Dunkin' wouldn't ride on that particular aspect of his character. After all, CNN tells us they just made him the spokesman for their new, plant-based sausage patties ... and collaborated with him to create a glazed donut sausage patty sandwich ... and, uh, announced a Snoop/Dunkin' -themed pop-up store selling stuff like tracksuits that say "Glazzzed for days." Ok, so maybe it's fair to say there's the tiniest morsel of possibility that Dunkin' knows exactly what they're doing.

So, what's Snoop Dogg's meatless Dunkin' donut sandwich like?

Snoop Dogg's official Dunkin' sandwich is called "Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich," and a Dunkin' press release states that it's inspired by his "passion for plant-based protein and love of glazed donuts." The limited-time sandwich is essentially a sliced glazed donut filled with a Beyond Meat "Beyond Breakfast Sausage" patty, egg and cheese. According to Snoop himself, this peculiar combination of sweet and savory came to be after he worked with Dunkin' during the launch of their regular Beyond Sausage Sandwich and got "inspired" by the presence of his "favorite glazed donuts." Despite this, Snoop's involvement appears to stem from the Beyond Meat side of things, as he is an investor and ambassador for the company.