Here's how much money Andre the Giant was worth when he died

Andre the Giant is one of those wrestlers whose ring name could not be more self-evident. As Biography tells us, his acromegaly (giantism) meant he grew continually throughout his life, and at his largest was reportedly around 6'11" and weighed a whopping 500 pounds — not that this was enough for the pro wrestling industry, seeing as he was advertised to be as tall as 7'4". Thanks to his massive stature, he became a beloved wrestling star who performed literally as long as he could: In December 1992, he wrestled in Japan. Around a month later, he was dead at just 46 years old, his condition having finally gotten the better of his heart.

Despite his tragic death at a relatively young age, Andre's in-ring career was truly legendary, and his legacy is truly giant. But how much money does a legend make? Did Andre's peculiar career choice make him rich before his untimely demise? Let's find out how much money Andre the Giant was worth when he died.

Andre the Giant's net worth was fit for his massive stature

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Andre's net worth at the time of his death was roughly $10 million dollars, adjusted for inflation. It's a nice sum that's fit for his stature, both physical and professional: After all, he was quite literally the largest attraction pro wrestling had to offer. Apart from that, he supplemented his wrestling income with a side gig as an actor, thus paving the way to today's wrestlers-turned-movie stars such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Dave Bautista, Kevin Nash and John Cena. While Andre is perhaps best known and loved for his role as the gentle giant Fezzik in The Princess Bridehis IMDb page reveals that Mr. The Giant has quite a bit more to his acting resume, from appearances in TV shows such as The Million Dollar Man and Zorro to bit parts in movies like Conan the Destroyer and Micki + Maude.