Here's How Much The Flex Tape Guy Is Worth Today

Ah, yes, the Flex Tape guy! A font of entertaining marketing tricks and a highly meme-able product spokesman whose red, enthusiastic face launched a thousand ships (after first sawing them in half and Flex Taping them back together, naturally). He proudly carries on the "As Seen On TV" tradition of the likes of Billy Mays and the ShamWow guy, but like all superheroes, he also has a name for those times he puts down his multitude of Flex products and walks among us like a mere mortal. On his days away from aggressive Flex Taping, our hero answers to the name Phil Swift, a marketing and sales guy whose products got their breakthrough when YouTuber JonTron took a liking to them and featured them in a popular video. Yeah. Don't try to understand how the market works, it just is like that sometimes. 

Regardless of the beginnings of Flex Tape and, by proxy, the Flex Tape guy, the Flex products are pretty well-known these days. Since they are products and therefore are exchanged for money, surely this means that Mr. Swift has made a buck or two in the process? Hey, let's see just how much the Flex Tape guy is actually worth!  

The Flex Tape Guy is worth $10 million

Estimating a person's true net worth based on the information available online can be hard, but in Phil Swift's case, net worth estimators such as the Wealth Record, Idol Net Worth and Celebs Money are in touching agreement about his guesstimated net worth of $10 million. Yes, $10 million. See, the Flex Tape guy is more than just a dude peddling products in commercials. Apart from acting as a spokesman for the Flex products, he's also the co-founder of the company behind the products. This means he's doubly motivated to sell the stuff ... and, judging by his estimated wealth, he's doing a pretty decent job.