'World's Worst Cat' Has Found A Home

We used to think that all cats have the propensity to be both adorable fur balls and truly colossal jerks, but no cat could truly be said to be the absolute worst. On January 22, 2020, this all changed, when Mitchell County Animal Rescue in North Carolina unleashed the "world's worst cat" upon the unwitting populace. Her name is Perdita, and her hobbies include sucking out your soul with her permanent stare, lurking in dark corners to execute picture-perfect jump scares, and faking medical conditions for personal amusement. The cat also hates a significant portion of things that are good in the world, such as Christmas, dogs, kittens, hugs, and Disney movies for some reason. She, however, loves slapping the bejeezus out of people at the tiniest provocation. If you need even more context, she has been compared to the cat in Pet Semateryand a vet reportedly diagnosed her as "a jerk." 

In an attempt to get her off their hands, Mitchell County Animal Rescue offered her free for adoption, but let's face it: Surely, no one would want to offer a home to what is clearly some sort of malevolent spirit trapped inside a feline form. And, for that matter, surely Perdita would never want a new human family, except possibly as a snack. Or ... could someone really be brave enough to let her in their house? 

The world's worst cat meets Joe and Betty

Come on, of course Perdita found a new home. After all, the internet loves a neat story about cats doing cat things, and "malevolent jerk in cat form" is not that far from a normal cat, even if she is a particularly grumpy one with an irrational hate of the House of Mouse. As The New Daily reports, it took a little over a week for the four-year-old "world's worst cat" to meet Joe and Betty from Tennessee. 

Predictably, the process had a few hiccups, as when the shelter tried to take adoption photos of Perdita in their photo booth, she merely "growled and ran out of the room." Still, it looks like she is not about to devour her new family, at least immediately: according to the shelter, "They adore her and she tolerates them." Besides, Joe and Betty seem genre savvy enough to keep the "world's worst cat" from turning their home life into a horror movie. They've prepared a personal bedroom for the cat to acclimatize to her new surroundings before introducing her to the rest of the house. Oh, and they've also taken precautions, such as renaming her from Perdita to Noel ... just on the off chance her old name is "the cause of her anger." They've also set up an Instagram account to document ex-Perdita's life with her new family, so everyone can see how she's adjusting ... and, presumably, to let people know that something's up if the posts suddenly stop coming and/or turn ominous.