The Laziest Dog Breed In The World

Energetic, happy dogs running in the park with their owners are certainly cool, but sometimes, the situation calls for the opposite: An utterly tired dog curled up on the couch, preferably by the fire, and with your lap nearby so they can climb there should the occasion call for it. Which it will. Don't try to fight it, this is your life now.  

Most dog owners know what it's like when their dog has a lazy, "can't be bothered" moment, and some dogs certainly seem to have more of those than others. But is there some particular breed that is vastly lazier than others? What could possibly be the laziest dog breed in the world? Let's find out!

The laziest dog breed is the Bulldog

People tend to have tons of opinions about the most loyal and smartest dog breeds in the world, so it's easy to assume the opinions for the laziest dog breed would be equally divided. However, it turns out that people seem to sing in charming unison in this particular matter. WNEP, Top Dog Tips, I Heart Dogs, Cheat Sheet and Good Housekeeping all agree that the laziest doggy in the canine world is none other than the Bulldog. Indeed, both English and French varieties of the breed feature on the American Kennel Club's list of low-activity dogs, tactfully named "The best dogs for apartments." 

The Bulldog's unanimous #1 spot on these lists is thanks to the breed's comparatively low activity levels and a tendency to nap whenever possible, but there's also a tragic, physical reason for the breed's "laziness." Bulldogs are a brachycephaly dog breed, which means they have an extremely short, "pushed-in" nose ... which in turn means they can't exercise too hard. Of course, it should be noted that even Bulldogs aren't couch potatoes all the time. Even they enjoy their walks and the occasional spot of playful exercise.