The Truth About Nicolas Cage's Pyramid Tomb

Nicolas Cage is one crazy dude. Whether he's playing superheroes like Ghost Rider, purchasing a dinosaur skull, or going wild in those wacky Pachinko commercials, he's truly one of a kind.

Now, despite the rumors of Nicolas Cage being a vampire, the truth is that he's every bit as mortal as everyone else. It's only appropriate that a celebrity so eccentric, of course, should have an equally eccentric grave site, and Cage's final resting place — an honest-to-God pyramid, which is already perched up in New Orleans' Saint Louis No. 1 Cemetery — does not disappoint.

Wait, Nicolas Cage is still alive, right?

Before you get all worried, fear not: Nicolas Cage is alive and well. In fact, he's still putting out around five films a year, according to Esquire, with his biggest headliner being the 2021 release The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where Nicolas Cage stars as (who else?) Nicolas Cage himself, trying to get a role in a Tarantino flick. It's very Cage-y, to say the least.

However, Cage being Cage, he planned his final resting place a long time ago, and had it built, so that it'll be ready for him when he finally does pass away. As far as location goes, it's no surprise that he picked New Orleans: Cage has a longstanding love affair with the city, having donated $1 million to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in 2005, according to, and once stating, "It keeps me coming back and keeps me compelled. A lot of my most magical memories are from New Orleans or when I was in New Orleans."

Fair enough. But, uh ... why a pyramid? And why'd he start this project so far in advance?

The great pyramid of New Orleans

The St. Louis No. 1 cemetery, as explained by Ripley's Believe it or Not, hosts the final resting places of Marie Laveau, as well as the city's first mayor, Étienne de Boré ... and, yes, a nine-foot-tall stone pyramid, with the Latin phrase "omnia ab uno," ("everything from one") carved into its face, where the remains of Nicolas Cage will one day be interred. Cage's "gravestone" has become a tourist attraction, of course, garnering photographs and red lipstick kisses from time to time. 

His reasoning behind the pyramid, however, is a total mystery. Speculation runs the gamut, according to Atlas Obscura, with the more conspiracy-minded fans believing that the pyramid shape is indicative of Cage's alleged membership in the Illuminati, while others speculate it's just a fun tribute to the actor's National Treasure movies. Another theory that's often proposed is that Cage may consider himself cursed for once owning the mansion of the serial killer Delphine LaLaurie, and his close proximity to Marie Laveau's grave is a way to "reverse" this. 

To date, Cage has yet to reveal his true reasons, though everyone's fingers are crossed that the truth will someday be revealed.