Here's How Much John Lennon Was Worth When He Died

John Lennon, if anyone, contained multitudes. He was a witty superstar whose banter made headlines, as well as a drug addict. He was a product of a tragic childhood, and an awful father himself (at least, if you ask his first son, Julian). He was a Beatle and a violent domestic abuser. He was a famous anti-war figure who eerily seemed to predict his own death. He may not have been the nicest guy out there, and yet, his influence on pop music and culture is almost without equal. 

Regardess of everything else Lennon was (and he was a lot), there's one thing he certainly was: Filthy rich. His solo career alone would probably have taken care of that, but that and the whole Beatles thing? Hoo boy. Exactly how much money did the musician have, though? Let's take a look at how much John Lennon was worth when he died.  

Money (That's What I Want)

Yes, John Lennon may have skewed toward pacifism and hippie antics in his later years, but no amount of protest songs and peace signs can take away the fact that he was still wealthier than many Wall Street big shots. Being one half of arguably the greatest pop songwriting duo of all time and a successful solo artist in your own right has a tendency to earn you a dollar or a few million, and in John Lennon's case, his musical career earned him an estimated net worth of no less than $800 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth

Still, "Imagine," if you will, how much would Lennon be worth today if Mark David Chapman hadn't ended his life at an extremely premature age of 40. While there's no way to tell how his life would have proceeded, we do have a fair point of comparison we can use to guesstimate his possible net worth if he'd still be alive: His Beatles-era creative partner, Paul McCartney. Celebrity Net Worth estimates McCartney's net worth at no less than $1.2BN, and it's probably not unfair to think that a living Lennon's earthly possessions might be hovering somewhere around that impressive figure, as well.