The Untold Truth Of Elon Musk's Brother

An easy way to become famous without trying is to have a famous relative. Everyone and their mother wants to know about a famous person's mother, father, brother, sister, and probably first cousin thrice removed once they run out of other options. Heck, one day there will probably be an in-depth article about the first gray hair of Elon Musk's cousin and Musk's harebrained quest to invent a high-tech hair dye to cover it up. But in the meantime, let's focus on a closer family member.

So yeah, Elon Musk has a brother. If the world cared anything about you or human happiness, his first name would either be Ox or Rat with his middle name as Love because nothing would be lovelier than the thought of Elon Musk's brother in a Tesla with a license that reads "Musk, Ox" or "Musk, Rat Love." But his name is Kimbal, so that's disappointing. Also, Business Insider says Jeffrey Epstein set Kimbal up with a girlfriend because it's a small, horrifying world after all.

If you can't take the heat, get out of Kimbal's kitchen

So what does Kimbal Musk do for a living besides being Elon Musk's brother? Apparently he's a food warrior of sorts. He doesn't throw food at people, which would be awesome, but rather as CNBC describes, he fights the industrial food model of the U.S. which he considers a poor role model. "Industrial food has totally failed America," according to Kimbal. So he founded the Kitchen, which aims to provide low-cost healthy options to a nation saturated with processed, obesity-producing foods.

Kimbal's commitment to helping people through food began with a national tragedy. "I graduated from cooking school just before 9/11," he told CBS. "I woke up to the sounds of the planes hitting the building. I lived very close to the World Trade Centers and looked out the window, saw the towers fall ..." Kimball made good use of his training and volunteered to cook for firefighters. "It taught me the power of community, taught me how food brings communities together," he said.

Kimbal has also remained connected to Tesla and SpaceX. His familial and business ties attracted the attention of wealthy predator Jeffrey Epstein. Per Business Insider, Epstein set up his ex-girlfriend with Kimbal. The pair dated between 2011 and 2012. The idea was to "open doors to Elon Musk and his companies," and indeed the doors were literally opened to Epstein who was granted a private tour of SpaceX in 2012.