Shows That Would Make Great Pokemon Go-Style Games

Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation, with tens of millions of people living out a childhood fantasy by actually getting to be a part of their favorite TV show. That got us thinking: which other hit TV shows would make for great augmented reality games? Here's a look at some shows we wish they would turn into immersive games right away. Why live in our world when we can play in theirs?

Game of Thrones

Admit it: even though Westeros is a horrible, deadly place filled with amoral killers, firebreathing dragons, and immortal wights with armies of the undead, you still desperately want to be a part of it. An augmented reality game that allows players to pick a House and battle each other for control of the Iron Throne would be amazing. Well, with one major drawback. After all, everyone knows that when you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die. And you will probably die.

The X-Files

The truth is out there, and if there were a Pokémon Go-style X-Files game, we could finally help Scully and Mulder find it. Or maybe, instead of being a government agent, we'd choose to join the forces of the Cigarette Smoking Man, or even be one of the Lone Gunmen. Whatever your playstyle, though, being able to uncover the mysteries and sinister secrets hiding around us simply by viewing the world through our X-Files app would make our lives a lot more interesting—and a hell of a lot scarier.

The Walking Dead

Everyone around you could be carrying a terrible virus that may spell the end of humanity as we know it. No, not Zika—we're talking about the zombie infection that leads to the apocalypse in The Walking Dead. Of course, we all know that the most dangerous monsters in The Walking Dead aren't the zombies at all—it's the other survivors. With that in mind, an augmented reality game would naturally be a cutthroat world where you battle the other players for supremacy and scant resources, all while surrounded by a sea of clueless zombies—i.e. non-players—mindlessly shuffling around in a daze. In other words, just like your morning commute to work.

The DC TV universe

Between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it seems like the world is already overrun by heroes with secret identities. So why not let us join them? Teaming up with other heroes to take down villains and save the world would only be half the fun. The other half? A DC augmented reality game would allow all of us to actually have a secret identity, known only to other players who can see our true, heroic selves by accessing the game world. Awesome, right?

The Simpsons

Can you even imagine how cool it would be to live inside a virtual Springfield any time you fired up your phone? Think of the possibilities: your house could become the Simpson house, you could eat virtual donuts at will, and Lisa could teach you how to play the sax (or lecture you on the evils of eating meat). Plus, with over two decades of great jokes and storylines to draw from, the possibilities are pretty much endless. There is one issue, though: if they used a GPS system like Pokémon Go, Matt Groening would finally have to figure out where Springfield is actually located. Get cracking, Matt!

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

This one seems like a no-brainer. After all, the entire point of Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego is to, you know, find Carmen Sandiego. A game that uses GPS and satellite-mapping to let players hunt for hidden objectives, fits the show's premise like a hand in a glove. Plus, the franchise started off as a game to begin with, so returning to its roots would be super-cool. Of course, we're not quite sure what would happen if you ever actually found Carmen, but hey—answering those kind of questions is why game developers get the big bucks.


If there's one thing missing from Pokémon Go, it's the cartoon's sense of humor. Sure, the game still has all the bad puns for Pokémon names (see: Exeggcute), but otherwise, some of the goofiness just feels missing. That's the space that a Supernatural game could fill. Not only would Supernatural Go allow you to uncover and battle the forces of darkness—and weirdness—surrounding us, it could do it with tongue firmly in cheek. Games are supposed to be fun, and few shows mix action with fun as well as Supernatural.

Person of Interest

Okay, so Person of Interest may have ended, but hardcore fans are still desperately hoping for some kind of continuation, and an augmented reality game seems like the perfect fit. After all, the whole premise of the show was people using computers and surveillance cameras to predict, find, and prevent hidden threats. A game could turn every fan into their own version of Jim Caviezel's Agent Reese, and every phone into a tiny portable version of The Machine. Bring it on!