The Truth About The Great Dane With Two World Records

It's rare to beat a world record, let alone have two, unless you're that guy with the record for most world records. However, one dog in the UK managed this feat. Freddy the Great Dane is not just the tallest dog in the world (and one of the largest), but is also now the oldest living Great Dane.

According to People Magazine, Freddy the Great Dane, who lives with his owner Claire Stoneman in Weeting, Norfolk in the UK, stands just over seven feet tall on his hind legs, and Guinness World Records had already named him the tallest dog in the world in 2016, beating the previous record-holder Zeus. This may, he celebrated his eighth birthday, and this old age handed him his second Guinness. Since dogs age differently from humans, it's a feat for Freddy to even reach this age, and he celebrated his birthday with a party thrown by his owner, alongside his sister Fleur.

Evidently, Freddy's food costs around $630 a month. He's fed kibble, ground beef, roast chicken and dog treats, that even Scooby-Doo would be envious of. No wonder he grew so tall — and now weighs 210 pounds.

The runt who became a giant

Freddy did not start out gigantic. Stoneman, Freddy's owner, told the Telegraph he was actually quite small at the beginning. "As a puppy, he was the runt of the litter, I actually got him a couple of weeks early than I should have done as he wasn't feeding off mum," Stoneman said. "I had no idea he was going to get this big at all."

Owning a dog that's taller than you (Stoneman is 5'4") means you have to make concessions, and so Stoneman says she always walks Freddy early in the morning, to avoid encountering other dogs, since she can't pull him back if he gets excited. It also means when she moves, he has to get used to small spaces. Not surprisingly, Freddy and his sister have destroyed at least 26 sofas. However, despite their size, Stoneman explains that Freddy and sister Fleur are cuddly pets, and Stoneman has said that not only do they know when she's upset, but sleep with her on two mattresses. Basically, they act like smaller-sized dogs who want their human friend to feel better. 

So, while most people think their pets are the best and look for excuses to pamper them, Freddy doesn't need any justification for treats: He's already a good boy, with those two world records.