You Wouldn't Want To Meet Steven Tyler In Real Life

Steven Tyler is mostly famous because of his gigantic mouth — it's huge! — but before that, he was famous for being a judge on American Idol. Before that, his fame could be traced back to being the lead singer for the band Aerosmith and his flamboyant wardrobe. He's written two books, been the focus of hundreds of interviews, and, in all, been pretty open about his life. Though it turns out, he's omitted a few striking details.

As a rock-and-roll star, you'd expect the type of behavior we've seen from Tyler. He's had his struggles with partying. He's battled drug use. He's performed songs like "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" to describe how "squares" felt about the new rock aesthetic. You might be thinking, "oh, yeah, drugs and long hair. That's it right there. That's why I wouldn't want to meet the guy," but probably not. In reality, Tyler's treatment of women, or at least one former girlfriend, would make almost anybody cringe and "Walk This Way" right out the door.

His treatment of women might make the situation awkward

Once upon a time, Steven Tyler had a girlfriend named Julia Holcomb. There seem to be two different perspectives on the couple's relationship: one from Tyler and one from Holcomb – hers posted on Lifesite News. Neither perspective is good. Tyler discusses their relationship in his book Does the Noise In My Head Bother You? and, according to Holcomb, she's portrayed as "as a sex object without any human dignity." Not a good way to view women, but the relationship, as Holcomb describes it, was much deeper and much darker.

Holcomb, or as Tyler calls her in his book (per The Boston Globe), "Little Bo Peep," says the couple had a serious relationship that began when Tyler was in his mid-20s. Holcomb was only 16, though according to Jezebel, she was only 14. Either way, she was a child. Within a year, she was pregnant. What happened next makes the entire situation go from creepy to, well, more creepy: Holcomb's mother signed over guardianship to Tyler, making him both her legal guardian and her baby-daddy. At five months pregnant, Holcomb ended up in the hospital after being caught in a house fire. There, she says, Tyler talked her into having an abortion. Of course, Tyler doesn't mention this stuff in his book. Instead, he highlights how he used to have sex with this 16-year-old in public.