People Call This Bodybuilder The Scariest Man On The Planet

There are plenty of terrifying people walking the planet. Some are serial killers. Some are deadly martial artists or special ops soldiers. Others just intimidate the hell out of everyone who sees them. And the scariest man on the planet is about as intimidating as any human being can be.

Once on the road to becoming a professional cricket player in the UK, now-actor Martyn Ford had to make choose a new path in life due to a devastating injury. At the height of his athletic career, Ford sustained an injury that led to glandular fever. He was out of the game for almost a year and lost his chance at climbing the professional ladder. So, what did Ford decide to do about it? He opted for a new hobby: bodybuilding. Bodybuilding led to acting, and we can now see Ford on screen in such films as Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Robin Hood: The Rebellion. On the surface, it's easy to see why Ford has earned the nickname "the scariest man on the planet," but he might actually be scarier than you think.

Ford is an absolute monster but, like, a really nice guy

Martyn Ford weighs in at an astonishing 320 lbs with very limited body fat. Basically, he's not your average man. If we add his height, 6'8", to his weight, we get a towering behemoth. The guy's intimidating enough purely by size. On top of it, he's tattooed from head to toe, like he was destined to be a supervillain or something.

"I hate feeling skinny and weak," Ford tells Simply Shredded, "it just depresses me, and it doesn't feel right." Well, good job on that one, Ford. Surely, no one today would describe him as such. Ford's frame, which he keeps looking the way it does through high-intensity interval training, costs between 4,500 and 8,000 calories per day to maintain.

Along with Ford's athleticism and physical build, we can add mixed martial arts to the list of reasons why he's the scariest man on the planet. The mountain-sized actor is currently training Brazillian Jujitsu for his upcoming MMA debut. He's only a white belt, which makes the fact that he's already signed by a promotion a feat of its own. He's been training to fight since 2016, and his size alone will shake the heavyweight world. If you ask Ford, he'll tell you he's "often addressed as the most humble and entertaining man as well," but you probably shouldn't mess with him regardless of how nice he is.