Why Axl Rose Considers His Stepfather The Most Dangerous Man He's Ever Met

Axl Rose, the lead vocalist of rock band, "Guns N' Roses" is popular for his incredible musical talent, his angelic voice, and his towering contribution to rock music. What many don't know about the famous musician is that he was severely mistreated by his stepfather in his early years. The man didn't hesitate to hit him and his siblings whenever he wanted to discipline them.

Axl Rose described his traumatic childhood experiences to Rolling Stone in a 1992 interview."This person basically tried to control me and discipline me because of the problems he'd had in his childhood," Rose stated. "And then my mom had a daughter. And my stepfather molested her for about 20 years. And beat us. Beat me consistently. I thought these things were normal." The musician didn't even know that the things his sister and him were being subjected to were unacceptable.

He is now estranged from his stepfather who was a Pentecostal preacher and has burned all bridges.

His stepfather was abusive and unapologetic

The singer is also concerned about his sister's well-being. Rose added that his stepfather tried to create a rift between and his sister, who he is now very protective about. "Now my sister works with me. She's very happy, and it's so nice to see her happy and that we get along," Rose told Rolling Stone. "My dad tried to keep us at odds. And he was very successful at some points in our lives."

When Rose was asked what made him share details of his past experiences, he responded that he wanted to keep himself and his sister safe. "My stepfather is one of the most dangerous human beings I've ever met. It's very important that he's not in my life anymore or in my sister's," We may be able to forgive, but we can't allow it to happen again."