Luxury Planes That Are Basically Flying Mansions

For most people, taking a plane ride is about as comfortable as using a porta-potty. It smells, you're cramped, and you're going to get sick. But for some rich folks, it's the equivalent of staying at a four-star hotel, just in the air. Here are some luxury plane trips that would entice even an acrophobe.

Etihad - The Residence

Ever wished flying from New York City to Mumbai was a little more like staying in an upper-class hotel? No? You say no one on Earth has ever wished for something that weirdly specific? Ha, that\'s what you think! Apparently, there was a high-demand for something slightly above first-class for travelers visiting Mumbai, and thus was unveiled The Residence!

The Residence is designed for two and features a shower, double bed, and living room. So basically, it\'s bigger than most New Yorkers\' non-flying apartments, and it costs about the same, at ~$40,000. To get into this swanky flying hotel room, you\'ve gotta be heading to Mumbai, but you can be heading there from a few different places, including London and New York.

Korean Air - Kosmo Sleeper

Ever seen those nifty cubicle-sized hotel rooms they have in Japan? You know, the ones that just one person can fit in, but they have a TV, a nightlight, and everything? If you\'ve ever been in one, you can probably attest to the fact that they\'re probably super-comfy. But you know what\'s better than that? One that\'s in the freakin\' sky! Welcome to Korean Air\'s Kosmo Sleeper.

Wielding the undoubtedly coolest name for a luxury plane ever, the Kosmo Sleeper is, basically, a nice little one-person hotel that zips through the sky. It comes with a semi-secluded bed, a TV, and a nice reading light. While it\'s not as ostentatious as some other rich-people planes, this one is also the most you would need while zipping through the air. If you\'re super rich, but don\'t want to unnecessarily blow money, this is the one you want.

Emirates Airline - First Class

While Emirates Airlines\' first class may not seem like that much at first glance, to truly understand how awesome it is, you have to look beyond just your own cabin. But first, the cabin! It comes with a mini-bar, vanity mirror, and chair that can transform into a bed. If you want to block the world out, just close your privacy doors, or leave them open and order some plane-room service.

But what about when you get bored of your cabin? Just take a walk around! There\'s an on-board shower spa (perhaps because Emirates wants to be the world-leader in Mile High Club members?) and there\'s a lounge with its own cocktail bar where you can mix and mingle with the other super-rich people taking a trip to Dubai. Perhaps ask one of them to join you in the shower spa? You\'re first class — we\'re sure they\'ll look the other way.

Swiss Airlines - Private First Class Suites

Probably the most familiar plane to most, Swiss Airlines First Class Suites deserves a nod primarily for being the way all first class suites should look. While being similar to the Kosmo Sleeper, these are a bit less futuristic, with small private cabins with reclinable chairs that can easily turn into beds, and a large television screen. Unlike the Kosmo Sleeper, these are perfect for you whether you want to take a nap, sleep the whole way, or want to stay up and enjoy some food while flying through the skies.

Donald Trump\'s private jet

Love him or hate him, you\'ve got to give one thing to Donald Trump — he loves covering things in gold and pictures of himself. His private jet wasn\'t safe from his peculiar Midas touch, either. If you take a gander through the video above, you\'ll see that his jet is just the same as his penthouse or his towers — lavish to the extreme. It has art, chandeliers, and everything you could cram in its carcass. Honestly, it\'s amazing that this flying bus can still get its butt in the air. However, that didn\'t used to be a problem for this tiny plane.

See, this jet wasn\'t his originally. It belonged to Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, but Trump bought it for $1 million, before spending even more to make it even more ... Trump-y. While the average reader probably can\'t afford this plane — it costs well over a million, and features gold-plated seat-belts — there\'s a chance that it might change hands soon. After all, what would President Trump need with this plane once he has Air Force One? (He\'ll probably rename it Trump Force Best and paint it gold, two days in.)

Qantas First Class

Unlike some of the other first-class options out there, this one isn\'t a small, entirely private space, or even a large, entirely private space. However, it makes up for a lack of privacy by being much, much cheaper — a low ~$13,000 — and for being larger than your first apartment.

Seriously, it\'s pretty big. It takes up the space of four economy seats, and you get your own slippers and pajamas so while you\'re chilling in your privacy pod, you can relax while watching tv and being wined and dined. Your seats even come with amenity bags, phone chargers, and the ability to vibrate and massage you.

Cathay Pacific Airlines - First Class

To understand exactly why the Cathay Pacific Airlines first class section is so cool, first you need to ride a plane. Or, you know, just sit somewhere incredibly awful and uncomfortable. Good? Now, imagine this: a huge space, where you can lounge back. Flight attendants come to bring you endless alcohol. You have three windows all to yourself that you can gaze out of while sitting in a super-comfortable chair. But maybe the view out the window of the Pacific ocean and clouds is getting a bit too prosaic. Awesome! This cabin has the type of entertainment system you\'d want inside your home theatre (if you could afford a home theatre). You also get a \"cozy sleep suit\" which, like, how adorable of a name is that?

Wouldn\'t that be better than where you are? Yeah, we thought so too.

Virgin Atlantic - Upper Class

In an effort to make your experience a little less like the horrifying and hectic tragedy that is air travel, Virgin Atlantic will pick you up from your house and drive you to the airport. Of course, that\'s just the precursor to actually getting on the plane. And once you do, boomchampagne.

You can choose whichever seat you\'d like and there\'s storage for your laptop, power for it, and of course, you can fully recline your chair into a bed and go to sleep. Unlike the Qantas, this one is specifically adjusted to be as private as you need it to be. Oh, and the price tag for this one is only about $2000. Yeah, that means this is one you could actually maybe probably not but who knows perhaps one day afford. Congratulations!

Japan Airlines - First Class

Taking a trip to Japan from New York takes about as long as watching the Lord of the Rings saga ... four times. So, understandably, you\'d want to have a nice, relaxing, not awful, not cramped place to \"enjoy\" your flight! Well, Japan Airlines has got you covered. These private pods are somewhere between Virgin Atlantic and the Kosmo Sleeper. You can either chill in the chair, or get a Tempurpedic-style mattress to relax on. It\'s very similar to Qantas and partially run by them, so no surprises there! Although, as opposed to the Qantas Airlines, these private suits are designed more for laying down and taking a nap, then the all-inclusive planes of Qantas.

Skyacht One

The Skyacht One is the absolute best choice for the insanely wealthy. To start, it costs about $83 million. For comparison, that\'s more money than ... you can comprehend, so don\'t even try. But also, while other mansion planes have degrees of privacy, the Skyacht takes it a degree further: it\'s a private jet.

Yeah, that\'s right, this is Bond-villain level flying right here. While you\'ve probably seen — or even had — enough money to buy a ticket on the others, this one right here has that $83 million tag that\'s basically for one single ticket. That\'s a price so steep that you\'ll either go, \"Oh God,\" and feel utter dread at the type of person who would unload that amount of money on a flying car, or go \"Oh God,\" and immediately unload that amount of money.

What do you get for that money? Well, it\'s eighty-five feet long and has five cabins. It has a conference room, a bedroom, a cocktail bar, a mini library, and a secret sliding door. It is everything you\'ve ever wanted and will never get. It\'s The One That Got Away but, like, as a plane. It is a flying mansion and it is gorgeous. Maybe ... just maybe ... it\'s what Heaven is like. Although we kinda doubt even God would spend this much money on a plane.

Mysterious Billionaire\'s $607 Million Jet

Every other jet we\'ve discussed thus far are ones that you — well, maybe not you – can actually buy. All of them are in your grasp! Except for this one. We\'re just showing you this one to make you jealous.

It took over three years to turn this Boeing 747 from a 600-passenger seater to a mansion built for one. No one knows exactly whose it is, either, just that they\'re a billionaire. So just pretend it belongs to your favorite billionaire! (We\'re going with Mark Cuban.)

The main difference between this and the Skyacht — aside from the price tag — is the fact that while the inside of the Skyacht at least looks like a plane (albeit a fancy one) this one doesn\'t even come close. It just looks like a huge mansion, except it somehow flies! This is the plane that Air Force One aspires to be.