You Wouldn't Want To Meet Jane's Addiction's Dave Navarro. Here's Why

Musician Dave Navarro, known for his association with Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, is an unapologetic man who is rather transparent about his troubled past. Navarro has chosen to be honest in interviews about, for instance, his issues with addiction. As per the New York Daily News, the rock star was so addicted to drugs at one point that he struggled to make sense of reality. He revealed that he was so disillusioned sometimes that it was tough for him to figure out who was calling him as he paused while injecting himself with heroin.

He attributed his unstable behavior to a tragic past. Navarro lost his mother when he was 15 years old in a gruesome incident orchestrated by her ex-boyfriend. That murder "was probably the main thing that I used as an excuse to create all the other difficulties in my life," Navarro said. "I've almost oversensationalized it, which is kind of a bummer. The truth is it's undeniably a horrible thing, but at the same time, life has moved on. I will say that that event was definitely what started me on a path of adding destruction in my life."

He got into serious trouble at the Playboy mansion

Navarro, known for his unpleasant misdemeanors, managed to outdo himself when he was hanging out at the Playboy Mansion in the 1990s. The musician ruffled feathers after he got involved in an orgy and also got rather high from heroin inside the mansion. He wasn't done, though. He even wrote with blood on the mansion's walls, scandalizing Playboy's then-editor-in-chief, Hugh Hefner, a man who was not easy to displease. 

Hefner understandably didn't take kindly to Navarro's actions and forced him to vacate the premises. Navarro was also banned from visiting the Playboy mansion ever again. As explained by the Daily Nebraskan, these details were revealed later in the star's biography, Don't Try This at Home. Navarro also revealed that he often objectified women in his past and didn't treat them well. All this on top of his temptation to kill himself when he was wading deep into the world of addiction and living an unpredictable life.