The Unique Way That Chief Blackbird Was Buried

Chief Blackbird was a notorious leader who spearheaded the cause of the Omaha Native American Indian tribe in the 18th century. He was responsible for managing trade routes that were regularly used by traders from all over the world, as per NPS. He also became well-known for being one of the first chiefs to work with white explorers and was a man with a notorious and controversial public image.

For Chief Blackbird, it was essential to maintain his powerful image and achieve his goals by hook or crook. Under Chief Blackbird's leadership, the Omaha did thrive and managed to become a force to reckon with in the Great Plains. However, Chief Blackbird unexpectedly perished when a smallpox epidemic erupted in 1800. A few years later, in 1804, explorers from the Lewis and Clark Expedition found the leader's burial site in what is now called Nebraska. Members of the team paid a tribute to the chief at his burial site. 

He was apparently sitting on his favorite horse

One of the most popular tales surround Chief Blackbird is the way he was laid to rest after his passing. Members of his tribe believe and claim that he was buried with his favorite horse and was sitting on the animal when he was laid to rest. This statement, while intriguing, has often been debated. As per Legends of America, Blackbird hill, as the chief's resting place is now called, is undeniably a strange place, located near the Missouri river. Some people believe that it is haunted by a woman who was murdered by her husband.

Undoubtedly, the Chief continues to be revered by tribe members who think that he was someone to look up to and respect despite his flaws. He is valued for his contribution to the tribe's legacy and especially for the fact that he managed to establish strong relationships with white traders and make a name for himself and his community while he was it.