This Might Have Been Andre The Giant's Most Challenging Wrestling Match

When legendary wrestler Andre the Giant was filming The Princess Bride, he was approached by WWE owner Vince McMahon. Citing the book, 30 years of WrestleMania, The Post Game relates how the grand third edition of the WrestleMania was in the pipeline and fans were told to expect a mind-blowing event. The team wanted Andre to be a part of the event and make it a roaring success. McMahon asked Andre to take on wrestler Hulk Hogan. The match was planned to look like a meeting between "the irresistible force" and the "the immovable object" and was supposed to include Hogan putting down Andre on his back.

Even though Andre's back was not in the best shape at that point, he agreed to be a part of the show and do what was required of him. In fact, his back hurt so much that in a scene for The Princess Bride, the wrestler couldn't support an actresses's weight. She had to be suspended with the help of wires.

He was in immense pain

Andre, however, didn't wish to turn down McMahon's request, and so he decided to get back surgery out of the way. While the wrestler was out of action and recovering, the WWE lied to fans by pretending that Andre had been dismissed from WWE for not staying true to his contract. The truth of the matter was that he was simply out of action because of his surgery. 

Hogan revealed in an interview with Detroit News that Andre's "back was bad." Videos from the match are proof of Andre's misery. He seemed to really struggle whenever he moved and looked like he was in immense pain. And still, Andre fulfilled his part of the deal. During the match he lifted Hogan up and hoisted him on his back before being hit and falling to the mat. This self-sacrifice by Andre helped the world of wrestling create an unforgettable moment.