This Is Christopher Walken's Hidden Talent

Christopher Walken is more than a distinct voice with an equally distinct speaking style. He's a distinct voice with an equally distinct speaking style that's been in movies. Lots of movies. He often gets cast as a villain or a scary dude in general. He plays "cold" well and even though he's not a big guy, he could intimidate the best of them. But Walken isn't really the hard, over-serious type in real-life, which allows him to be more flexible and appear in more comedic roles, often as himself with no other purpose than poking a little fun at his image. And he does this willingly.

Walken is a unique guy as far as Hollywood goes. According to Men's Journal, the guy doesn't even own a cellphone. He prefers to eat at home instead of going out. He lives in Connecticut instead of California, and when he speaks, he speaks humbly. He's all that and a bag of chips, but you'd never know he knows it. Even his hidden talent is down to Earth. It turns out that Christopher Walken, a guy you wouldn't want to mess with (if you took his films seriously), has a real passion for cooking.

Come on, Walken, make us dinner already

He's got the kind of finesse with food that you might expect from a man who seems to choose each word more carefully than William Shatner. He must have inherited his cooking skill to some degree, since his family was filled with German bakers, but that's also the reason he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth these days.

Walken's cooking talent must have been cultivated along with his acting skills since he tells The New York Times that he tends to do both at once. The Sleepy Hollow actor says he practices his lines while he cooks, calling it "the power of distraction." There's a home video posted on YouTube of Walken cooking chicken and pears, and a similar, yet hilarious, video of Walken cooking the same thing for Funny or Die. He's been known to cook for just about anyone, including interviewers, such as he did for The Observer, as he told about growing up in his father's bakery in Queens, New York.

You might not be able to picture it, but you should try. Walken once tried to get his own cooking show that he described as "a little like Pee-wee's Playhouse" but, you know, with showgirls and stuff.