The Surprising Thing Norman Reedus Keeps In His Freezer From The Walking Dead

When The Walking Dead first hit AMC in 2010, it became an instant hit. It ramped up the popularity of the zombie genre as never seen before. Even though he TV adaptation wasn't always true to the original comic series, it managed to secure a giant fandom, tons of merchandising opportunities, and a spinoff show, Fear the Walking Dead. Part of what made this show work so well was how it focused on the human side of the zombie apocalypse, and to do that it relies on notable characters.

As fans waited for their favorite characters to die off, as often happened, Daryl Dixon is still alive. Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, was a part created specifically for the TV show, and it's a good thing, too. Reedus brought so much personality to the show that they had to keep him around. That personality branches out into weird, crazy antics and pranks between him and other cast members off-screen. But that "weird" can go a little too far sometimes, and many would agree what he keeps in his freezer counts.

A collection of human body parts

Maybe it sounds worse than it is, but Norman Reedus keeps a collection of human body parts in his fridge and freezer. Hundreds and thousands of human body parts. Granted, they aren't what you typically think of when hearing the phrase. Reedus has a thing for collecting hair as keepsakes. Maybe not from every show or movie he's worked on, but we know he has more than one person's hair from The Walking Dead. We also know he's a bit of a weird dude.

It all started when Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the show, grew out and then shaved his magnificent facial hair. Apparently, as Reedus told fans during the Walker Stalker Con in 2014, he kept his co-actor's beard clippings. Many listening assumed Reedus was being the typical weirdo he always is and wasn't serious. The actor then shared a picture of the fabled beard hair on Instagram. The actor has joked about using it someday to clone Lincoln. There's really not enough DNA in hair for that to be practical, but we'll eat our words as soon as Reedus unleashes his celebrity clone army.

Lincoln's beard isn't the only hair Reedus has kept. While filming the episode in which Hershel was beheaded by "The Governor," Reedus didn't hesitate to snatch that prize, either. Not actor Scott Wilson's whole head or anything. Just the ponytail Wilson had worked so hard to grow, reports Undeadwalking.