The Truth About Chuck Norris' Hidden Passion

Chuck Norris is known for many things. He's Walker,  Texas Ranger. He was a world-class martial artist who acted in movies with the famed Bruce Lee. The guy created his own martial arts style and his own fighting league. Maybe you know him from the action movies he's starred in over the years, or maybe you know him from the infinite list of Chuck Norris memes, or perhaps he even peddled Total Gym infomercials through your childhood. Regardless, you definitely know him, and you know that he seems to have a wide range of known abilities: He can use pepper spray to season meat, his tears cure cancer, he never cries, he can strangle someone with a cordless phone, and the list goes on. 

Most everything you read about Norris tends to cover his fighting and acting career, but there's a lot more to the guy. Honestly, for being 80 years old, Norris pulls it off better than most people could hope to. He's active. Not so much in the acting world these days, though he did make an appearance on Hawaii Five-0 this year, but he also doesn't shy away from sharing his opinion around the web.

He has a passion for the written word

It's been Chuck Norris' muscles that have written his paychecks over the years, but martial arts and combat sports, let alone acting, rely on the mind as well. Apparently, Norris works that out as often as he hits his Total Gym. See, Chuck Norris is a writer. For Norris, the pen is almost as mighty as his size 11 cowboy boot upside your head. And, no, he's not secretly the author of all the Chuck Norris memes you see on the internet... unless he is, in which case, he's kept the secret well.

Norris has been writing for the website called WorldNetDaily, or WND, for 14 years. Unlike most celebs, his material isn't ghostwritten. He has an actual column for which he produces two or three articles per week. Good luck scrolling through his list of articles — it's long. Really long.

It's not just the website either. Norris has authored, or coauthored, around 20 different books listed on Goodreads. Now, Against All Odds: My Story, Norris' autobiography, is something you'd expect a celeb to write. But Norris has also written about philosophy, martial arts, and the Vietnam war. He also wrote The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book – 101 of Chucks Favorite Facts and Stories by Chuck Norris, which, as you'd expect, contains all the fun things people say about Norris online. Maybe he did start those memes...

However, there's one wrinkle to his writing that you should probably know. 

Even his writing ties into his conservative lifestyle

If you didn't already know, Norris is highly conservative. He has used his platform in an attempt to help conservative political candidates gain a lead, as reported by NBC, such as endorsing Mike Huckabee. Much of Norris' writings have to do with patriotism, conservatism, a Christian lifestyle, the second amendment, and so on. Toward the end of the Obama administration, for instance, Norris posted a call to action for people to go out and vote. Why? Because, in his words, "Our Second Amendment rights have never been in more jeopardy than they are through this Nov. 8 election." In another piece, Norris wrote about why he switched from the Democratic party to the Republican party. He brings up the book Little Book of Liberal Lies by Elbert Guillory, and anecdotes about how the Democratic party treated Black Americans in the sixties, to justify his switch.

In another article, Norris argued against stimulus relief during the time of COVID-19, quoting a bunch of dead old white guys that we call "the Founding Fathers" to support his position. Apparently, in the article, he pulled those as excerpts from his own book, Black Belt Patriotism. Some of his articles push even further into conspiracy theory-style right-wing talking points, such as this one piece that claims Black Americans have been killed for being "conservative and President Trump supporters." 

So, yeah, Norris has written quite a bit, but it's up to you if it's worth reading.