The Sketchy Truth About Dr DisRespect

If you're into esports, you probably already know Dr DisRespect. He's one of the most trash-talkingest video game streamers on the web. He's streamed at both major platforms, Twitch and YouTube, and could be recognized from a mile away by his iconic mullet and mustache.

Given his on-air demeanor, it wouldn't come as a shock to most of Dr DisRespect's fans, or haters, to know that this mass-insulting streamer has a bit of a shady side. He's been in the news enough for it, after all. But, let's be honest, that's part of the reason why he has such a large fanbase. He's not a very good guy, and he doesn't claim to be. Dr DisRespect is a fictional persona for a man, Guy Beahm, who fans know very little about. Watching Dr DisRespect is like watching satire. We know the guy isn't real because real people aren't usually such jerks, but the persona that is Dr DisRespect has gotten Beahm a bit of trouble during his streaming career.

He's made some seriously poor decisions

The list of poor decisions Dr DisRespect has made go far and beyond the mullet. Likewise, they've breached his professional character and dipped into the man behind the stream, Guy Beahm, including Dr DisRespect's marriage. The YouTube and former Twitch streamer admitted on camera to cheating on his wife, who has been referred to in his shows as Mrs. Assassin or Nurse DisRespect. That's pretty bad, but it's not the only poor decision he's ever made.

Probably his most famous blunder came at the E3 in 2019 when Dr DisRespect thought it was a good idea to stream from the bathroom during the event. Weird, but if done properly isn't really a big deal. But it wasn't done properly. Instead, Dr DisRespect neglected to get permission to film in the "facilities," nor did he get permission from the people that were caught on the video. The incident got him kicked out of the event and suspended from Twitch. Not to mention, it was a breach of California state law. DisRespect issued an apology about the situation, but not all of his fans thought it was sincere.

DisRespect has also used his platform to boost the conspiracy theory that claims COVID-19 was being caused by 5G and advocate for the early reopening amidst the pandemic. That didn't win him any favors either, and several names within the industry, including Nathan Grayson at Kotaku, called him out for being irresponsible.

He has a habit of verbally attacking people

Dr DisRespect's habit of verbally attacking people during streams is part of what drew in his fanbase. People like to laugh at other people being insulted. Don't ask us why; it's just a thing. DisRespect is filterless when he's plugged in, but people have filters for a reason. That second of compilation before we speak keeps us from saying things our rational mind knows we shouldn't, and when that filter isn't removed, people can say some pretty far-out things.

The filterless speech style of Dr DisRespect's got him accused of racism. Why? Because the guy decided it was acceptable to mock an Asian accent while streaming, claiming he has friends from all over the world, according to PC Game so it's okay.

Outside of the probable racism, Dr DisRespect has gone after journalists when their publication talked ill of his performances. Kotaku covered that whole E3 bathroom incident last year, and DisRespect decided to try to insult one of their journalists on Twitter in response by commenting on their rate of likes in a snarky manner. The thing is he didn't even tweet at the journalist who wrote the piece.

He likewise insults his own fans. Well done, guy. Well done.

Banned from Twitch

Dr DisRespect's move to YouTube happened in August of 2020, but his exit from Twitch happened in June, and nobody knows why. His Twitch channel was up and running on June 25, but was miraculously absent the following day. It was a vanishing act for the ages that hit the online video game world hard. Dr DisRespect had been banned from Twitch.

Okay, so it looks like some people know why, but they're tight-lipped, sucking lemons, shoving socks in their proverbial "pie holes." ShannonZKiller, a fellow Twitch streamer, told GameSpot they "know why and cannot say. But this is serious." Cool, we know it's serious, but we have no clue what the whole ordeal is about. Dr DisRespect claims Twitch never gave him a reason why he was banned, and there's nothing he can do about it. He also says he's having a lot of anxiety about the whole thing and is having trouble moving on from it since he doesn't know what it is he needs to move on from in the first place.

Bad business practice

The persona that is Dr DisRespect might seem like bad business practice on its own, but that depends on which demographic we're talking about. And, Dr DisRespect hasn't done too bad for himself. The Load Out and Wealthy Gorilla both put his net worth around $3.5 million. That's no small chunk of change, but that has probably been influenced by shady business practice.

For a two-year period, Dr DisRespect had been doing something akin to false advertising. On occasion, gaming streamers are given access to beta-versions of video games that they're allowed to hand out to their viewers. These are often referred to as "drops," and streamers will insert the word into the title of their streams to let fans know that they'll be getting this access if they tune in. Well, DisRespect was dropping "drops" into his titles without any drops to give away. It became a whole scandal.

In April 2020, Dr DisRespect came forward and addressed the scandal in a video where he said, "I should probably step up, be a man about the situation. A lot of people were upset. News outlets picked it up: Kotaku, GameStop. So, I would like to officially put out an official response. I don't give a f***."

Of course, all of this happened after fans called him out and he responded by, allegedly, banning those fans from his channel.