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Gross-Looking Halloween Party Foods

It's almost Halloween! Ready to fill up on candy, get all sorts of drunk, and wear the coolest, weirdest, sexiest, or silliest outfits you can imagine? Of course you are! But isn't the spookiness missing from something else? That's right — the food! Halloween eats are normally pretty typical, but lucky for you, we've got the horror-themed menu to turn all of your gourmet treats into monstrous masterpieces.

*Warning: If you somehow couldn't tell from the title, a lot of these are really, seriously gross-looking.*

Lady fingers and men toes

Your Halloween hors d'oeuvres should be delicious, but also look so disgusting virtually no one will be able to stomach looking at them. So, you know, more for you! If that's what you're looking for, then get ready, because these are a delicious twist on a classic treat!

For this, you're going to make Martha Stewart's favorite, lady fingers and men toes! Perhaps you've heard of lady fingers, but men toes? That's a bit different, right? Certainly, and it's definitely even freakier (though thankfully, not nearly as hairy as real men toes). They're made pretty much the same that ladyfingers are, except you coat the very ends with either red — for the ladyfingers — or a soft, gross-looking beige, for the men toes.

Men toes are not to be confused with Mento's, by the way. One will creep out your buddies, and the other will summon beefy dudes to move your car.

Meat hands

This is perhaps the first creation involving bacon that doesn't look completely appealing. Instead, it looks like ... well, rotting, diseased meat hands. Just for a second, take in the horror of those. Imagine you're throwing a Halloween party (or a cannibal party [or you're a recovering cannibal attempting to make the segue back to non-sentient meat]) and want to horrify everyone with a delicious treat that they — no matter how much they want to — can not refuse.

Meatloaf is always gross and disgusting. (Shut up, it is.) But this time, it's on purpose! Yes, that monstrosity up there is actually just a meatloaf, as prepared by Not Martha. If you know how to make meatloaf and know the basic shape of hands (most of us have them at the end of our wrists), then you're all set.


Brains are neat, right? Especially to eat! Just ask Sylar, Hannibal, zombies, or literally any horror movie bad guy outside of vampires (who are probably jealous they don't get to eat delicious, chewy brains). Now, thanks to this yum-o recipe from Hello Maphie , you can recreate your favorite scene in Hannibal, where he eats the dude's brain.

The recipe is pretty simple, since it's primarily colored Jell-o in a brain-shaped mold that you can buy in dozens of places. You could even use grey Jell-o if you want it to look "more authentic." Is that too much work? Fine, lazybones — you can just buy these (also delicious-but-gross) brain candy gummies instead. It's not as creative, but i's still creepy and gross! And really, isn't that what Halloween is all about?

Bleeding heart

Ripping someone's heart out is a pretty hallowed Halloween tradition (and, in a much different way, a Valentine's Day one). It's been seen in dozens of horror(ible) movies, such as Temple of Doom, but now you can recreate it. To be fair, bleeding-heart liberals are not supposed to literally have bleeding hearts that you can see and eat, but no matter how you vote, you can eat hearts to your ... heart's ... desire with these cakes! Make sure to really impress your guests by lifting it and biting it in front of them. Or, you know, do it in front of strangers, kids trick or treating, your parole officer: whoever, really.

The cakes are relatively simple as well. As shown by The Brick Kitchen, it's a small chocolate cake, covered in fondant and berry compote. You'll get a delicious, gooey, gory mess. As mentioned, ripping hearts out is also a pretty normal Valentine tradition, so you could also use this recipe again then. Find your beloved and present them with your own, bleeding, gory heart for them to devour.

Jell-O blood worms

Deep beneath the ground, small slimey things slither through the ground, eating whatever decaying flesh the small noodles of despair can find. Occasionally, the creatures will pop their little heads up out of the ground, wriggling like a cut-off tail, only to have their short and feeble lives cut short by a foot, or a hedgeclipper — blood bursting from their frail bodies like pus from a pubescent child's face.

Hungry yet? Good, because now you can reenact that experience, but in food form! Check it: Jell-o blood worms, courtesy of The Idea Room! Surprisingly, these most simple of creatures are actually somewhat hard to make. To do it properly you'll need whipped cream, gelatin, food coloring, and flexible straws. You'll also need about a day (if you want to do it properly, that is). Of course, it'll be worth it, since you can lay these monstrous creatures anywhere you like. Forget eating them, just use them to scare your friends.

Dirt cake

Maybe you want something a bit simpler, or perhaps a bit more child-friendly: less bloody, more funny, and the like. This dirt cake, from Taste of Home, is the best choice for you then. Dirt cake is a completely normal and awesome snack that, if you have not yet had, you should go make immediately. It's a small thing to make, consisting of pudding, Oreos, and gummi worms. You can make it look like a beautiful potted plant or — if you still want to go all spooky-like — make a typical horror scene.

For those of you who loved the blood worms but didn't think it went far enough, try these on for size. Imagine a cemetery, worms poking out of the ground, covering corpses, writhing next to tombstones. It's a fun way to fit a disgusting, but awesome, horror scene in a cup. Another fun idea — replace the gummi worms with blood Jell-o! Awesome combination!


Look, out in the night! It's a bird, it's a plane! No, it's a bat, a creature of darkness, filled with teeth and a lust for blood. So, how to take that nightmare creature and turn it into a Halloween treat? Fry it! Yeah, fried bat! While cooking bat isn't legal, per se, you won't let that stop you, will you?

Okay, this delicious dish, courtesy of Macheesmo, isn't really a platter of bat wings. They're chicken wings, because chickens are fine to eat but bats are vampires in disguise so please don't chew them. You cook the wings like normal, and then cover them in sugar, chili sauce, and black bean paste. Of course, that wouldn't be enough to make them look truly demonic. For that, you need to use black food coloring. That gives it that Scared Bela Lugosi look. The entire recipe is pretty simple, so check it out if you need some real food to counteract all the sugary gross wonderfulness you'll be pounding down the rest of the party.

Spider-Egg pudding

Arachnophobia is one of the most prevalent phobias on Earth, and videos like this one are basically why. So what better way to horrify all your Halloween guests than forcing them to eat the most disgusting thing imaginable? That, by the by, would be spider-egg pudding, as prepared by Boulder Locavore.

Look at that. Stare in horror at the soup. Isn't that the grossest thing you've ever seen in your life? A horrifying mess of — what is that, puss? — and spider eggs, getting ready to explode out at you, ready to bubble up and over, crawling all over you. Feel that? That little tickle? That's them crawling from the soup ... okay, it's not really soup, but rather pudding. Instead of spider eggs, it's boba, that stuff floating at the bottom of bubble tea. It actually makes for a delicious treat that looks more horrifying than anything the Devil could ever imagine.

Tentacle pot pie

In the abyss at the bottom of the world, a creature lies — not dead, but dreaming — and when he wakes, the world will crumble and shatter as he takes his first blind, mad steps onto land. Those who see him will go blind with the horror, with the beauty of his terror, and when he screeches, blood shall pour from the sky, and ... okay, Cthulhu is pretty darn terrifying right? So why not make a creepy pot pie of him, like Michelle McCleod did?

It's a pretty simple recipe — mainly a pot pie made however you enjoy them. It's when you get to the top that it changes. Instead of making a normal covering on the top, you extend it so it drapes the pie instead of sealing it, and then you dangle the crust over the sides of the pot. Viola! Chthulu Chicken pot pie. Not into Eldritch Abominations? With a bit of fine tuning, you could turn this into a spider pot pie! Just turn the tentacles into long, long legs. It's still scary, but your soul is now minimally safer.

Monster eyeballs

What horrors are peeking out from the darkness? Blood-shot eyes, too large and terrifying to belong to any living person, reside in the woods, watching you as you pass. Eyes peering from beneath your bed. Eyes from the dark of your closet. Eyes watching you when you think you are alone.

And now, thanks to Sugar Hero, eyes to eat! For these delicious confectionary treats, you're going to make pretty ordinary donut holes, and use frosting to make ornate designs. Try to make some with multiple irises or even cats' eyes, because what's scarier than cats? Don't forget to fill it with strawberry or cherry filling, so when you or your guests bite into it, delicious blood and guts shoot out, making you look like the cannibal you always knew you were.

Maggot cupcake

When the soul leaves the body, the vessel becomes flesh. During the decay, the body is feasted on by many things — none which plague the mind more than that of the maggot. Since these oozing, disgusting, flesh-crawling, vile monstrosities feast on us, it's only proper that we eat some of them too! So do it this Halloween, with maggot cupcakes, courtesy of Shane's Killer Cupcakes.

While you can actually use real maggots, that's not actually the recommendation. No, for these, you're going to use fondant to shape the abysmal corpse-eaters. Use them to top a delicious cupcake with butterscotch cream, because doesn't that sound delectable? If your party guests are anything like us, you could probably get away with using real maggots, and they wouldn't mind (the partiers, not the maggots), provided it had some butterscotch cream.

Or, if you really want to mess with your guests, get some real maggots and put them in random cupcakes. That way, your guests will never know if it's real or if it's fondant! (Note: only do this if you're fine with losing contact with everyone at your party.)

Blood shots

Who among us, caught up in the festivities of Halloween, hasn't wanted to don a black cape and travel into the night, sucking the blood out of our helpless victims? Well, now you can get that experience without ending up behind bars. Of all our recipes and fun snacks, these shots of blood, courtesy of Bar None Drinks, are almost undoubtedly the easiest to make. These are perfect for those of you into vampires, Twilight, or some seriously kinky stuff.

The ingredients are pretty simple too — it's mostly vodka with cranberry juice for color. Instead of the juice, though, you could use red food dye, or even grenadine if you have a sweet (sharp) tooth. Basically, if you've ever wanted to get drunk while pretending to be LeStat, this is the drink for you.