Superman Vs Goku: Here's Who Most People Think Would Win In A Fight

Welcome to another fight night here at the never sold out, always free to read Grunge Awesome-Sauce Arena, where we're expecting to see one heck of a battle tonight. Both of the warriors meeting in the middle of the four-sided screen, just moments from now, are champions in their own right.

In the red corner: Hailing from the planet Kyrpton, he stands somewhere between one comic book frame and 6' 4 ½" tall, depending on which actor is starring in the movie. His only real weakness is a tiny green rock that everyone seems to find in their back yard. The DC golden boy, Superman!

And, for his challenger in the blue corner: Originating from whatever planet Saiyans are from, fighting out of Japanese animation, he's died and come back to life more than anyone should. He's multiple transformations-having heavy hitter who can turn a five-minute fistfight into half a season, a father who definitely should have been arrested for child abuse, the one and only, Goku!

Stay tuned for the action, folks. These fighters are fast, fierce, and ready to rumble.

The two fighters have a lot in common

Though both of the fighters on the card tonight have different abilities, they actually have a lot in common. Neither Superman nor Goku are human. They're both aliens who crash landed on Earth after their respective home planets were destroyed. They also both find a group of superpowered friends on their new planet who help them take down extremely powerful threats. For Superman, it's the Justice League, while Goku is accompanied by martial artists who have trained hard enough to gain what are essentially superpowers.

They're both good guys for the most part, and they both face off against members of their own race who are bent on taking over Earth. The villains each character faces in their respective universe range from powerful villains to deity-level universe destroyers. Sure, they still have run-ins with piddly bad guys, but they're so inconsequential that they don't really count.

As each of the alien Earth-savers is raised by different adoptive families, their paths to heroism differ greatly. Young Superman (Clark Kent) doesn't have to do much of anything to become the overpowered hero he grows into, but the morals instilled in him by his parents drive him to put on the cape. In contrast, Goku, who is already more powerful than the average human, trains in martial arts and Ki energy control until he gains enough power to destroy whole planets, something Superman can do as well. It's going to be a tough fight.

So, who wins the fight?

Both heroes have a level of supernatural strength and durability that seem ridiculous to analyze. The two are strong enough to hurt each other and destroy the planet while they do so. Both can fly, and both characters are "faster than a speeding bullet," so we're going to have to look at their special abilities to get anywhere in our analysis.

Superman can fly fast enough to turn back time, which only works in movies, but he's done it. Goku can use instant transmission to teleport at the speed of light. Superman has both heat vision and x-ray vision. Goku can use Ki energy to make exploding projectiles and beams, while also being able to sense the Ki energy of other beings. Both characters have died and come back to life. It all comes down to whether or not Goku can collect the legendary Dragon Balls in time, or at least a small piece of kryptonite. The cards are looking neck and neck. And there's the bell!

We're not sure how to call this one, folks. With the final round over and both of our fighters back in their corner waiting for results, we turn to a Grunge survey where fans voted on who they thought would win this fight. The card comes down to a split decision victory for Superman at 63 percent of the fan vote, adding a 37 percent loss on Goku's record. Knowing this Saiyan, he won't stay down for long.