The Cringe-Worthy Moment You Missed In Tracy Morgan's Super Bowl Commercial

Of course, the star-studded Super Bowl commercials featured some well-known athletes and entertainers. Comedian and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was one of many, but his advertisement is not boding well some of his fans.

"They really just had Tracy Morgan crash a car in a commercial... sheesh," wrote Twitter user @srburns99.

In a commercial for Rocket Mortgage, Morgan goes to the extreme in an effort to show a pair of prospective homeowners their ability to afford a house. To help them figure out if they can, Morgan takes them on a journey on the apparent difference between "certain" and "pretty sure."

The ad then shows Morgan and the family on a series of risky stunts and adventures. He first shows them how "pretty sure" they can get poisoned or have a failed parachute during a plane jump. Then, they are shown running from a wild bear that Morgan was "pretty sure," they weren't supposed to run from. And we also see actor Dave Bautista take down the male home buyer, and even see him succumb to a murderous bee nest. All dares Morgan is doing to make an example. 

Crash Victim in the Driver's Seat

But then it comes to a scene where Morgan (as the driver) and the family have to make it across a rising drawbridge. But the bridge scene ends, and based on the previous fail examples, we can be "pretty sure" that Morgan and family did not make it across the bridge. So what's so cringey about that scene?

According to The Washington Post, in 2014, Morgan barely made it after a multi-vehicle crash between his limo and a Walmart trailer almost claimed his life and killed one of his friends. The crash led to Morgan being in a coma for almost two weeks. He also suffered a broken leg and ribs as well as brain injury. It took him months of undergoing rehabilitation to make a recovery.

This explains why maybe it was not a smart idea to have a crash victim portray a careless driver in what looks like a fatal car accident.

To make matters worse, Morgan was in another car accident nearly five years after his life-changing one. In 2019, he got into a crash in New York City with his $2 million dollar Bugatti, fresh off the lot, per CBS New York.

Naturally, for someone who has been in a few motor vehicle accidents — one which claimed the life of his friend and nearly his — one can imagine that not everyone is a fan of this Rocket Mortgage ad.